I think I might leave


Due to the increase of proselytising by certain groups, the ineffectiveness of flagging posts, the decline in general quality, the promulgation of conspiracy theories, the constant criticism of Pope Francis, the constant criticism of the Ordinary form of the Mass, posts about unapproved apparitions (or, posts about approved apparitions and conspiracy theories related to them), arbitrary enforcement of rules, the proliferation of trolls, and many other things. I’ve enjoyed my time here, and I probably will be back, but, until this things are straightened out, I’m gone.


I understand how you feel. I feel the same way sometimes. But then I think leaving isn’t the answer. Sometimes you just have to stand your ground & fight. God bless.


Fare thee well, Adam.

You are right about all of that.

I am going to stick around, but I might restrict my attention to short threads with uncontroversial topics about faith and righteousness. There are people that come here in need, and I would like to help. I’ve been wasting a lot of time arguing with kids and demi-trolls. Gotta cut back on that.


It’s a different type of forum than the old one but I’ll stick around for the prayer threads so I can pray for fellow members.

Glad to hear though you’ll be back, Adamhovey.


Sorry to hear that,be glad when you’re back.


Have a good break. We all need that now and then. I have appreciated many of your posts and look forward to having you back. Though, if you’re waiting for all the negative things to disappear, you may never be back. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: I do my best to stay away from those parts. Much better for my sanity. :slight_smile:


I ‘look in’ from time to time, but have immigrated to another Forum for very much the same reasons. Peace.


I am CONSTANTLY learning and strengthening my Catholic Faith by being here. Yes there are some things not in line with what I want or need but I just by pass those. Hope you can come back soon.


The proliferation of trolls is remarkable, very unfortunate. It is incredibly bad PR for the RCC, along with rattling, intimidating good Catholics. Sometimes I wonder what the RCC ever did to deserve such fanaticism carried out in her name and defense, all the while she is weakened, bleeding on the ‘modern’ side too, the folks bringing the enlightenment and discernment. Talk about a Baptist’s revenge. I would not wish this on my worst enemy. Surely some good will come of all this.


Good luck Adam. Hope you come back after a break. I always find that you have intelligent things to say and are very charitable. Even if I disagree with you one some things (which, to be honest, has only happened once or twice) I can always do so respectfully because you seem a reasonable guy.



Will miss you, Adam. I personally find the topics here less stressful and less controversial than the Amazon Discussion forums were. They had little to no moderation. These forums do.


It’s difficult to disagree Adam and I agree with a lot that you said.

You will be missed. I enjoy your gentle, charitable, straight-to-the point posts.

A break will probably do you good, but please come back!


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