I think I ruined my relationship with this priest

I recently confessed a sin I accidentally committed, that my priest called disturbing (I will not say what the sin was only that the object of sin appeared, and I kept looking at it).

I’m worried that he will now look at me different and will not even want to speak to me.

What should I do?

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Stop this sin and continue attending confession and Mass, and praying.


Maybe you can confess at another church? If that’s acceptable


I’ve heard many priests say that, by the grace of God, their memories are wiped clean after confession. The priest’s role is to hear confessions, offer advice, assign a penance, and absolve the penitent of his/her sins. Whatever you said to your priest is a matter between you, him, and God. We all carry burdens of sin to confession. I always leave feeling hopeful. My guess is that priests have heard every type of sin. Have faith.


He said it was the first time he heard what I confessed

This is a tough situation. I’ll pray for you. I don’t really have any advice.

We don’t see people differently when they confess weird stuff. We don’t remember most of it. This is the devil talking. Leave your sin in the confessional and trust that Father did too. Be at peace.



@theCardinalbird: I can’t judge what went on in the confessional. But you are free to see another confessor, perhaps in another parish. God loves you and forgives you. Try to put this experience behind you.

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It’s a matter of confession. Something like that should not ruin your relationship with a particular priest.


Why did you change the title? Please listen to Father Edward George


Oh. I changed it because I wanted it to reflect the thread and not be so broad

Well, theCardinalbird , there is always a first time , for priests too… Now he has heard it.
Read what Father wrote here . And fly away !! :slightly_smiling_face:

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