I think i'm being called for priesthood

In fact through my prayers I’m fairly certain of it. There is one thing though that troubles me. Do I go for diocesan or religious order priest, and if I was to be in a religious order, which one? If it helps, one of the things that I pray to God for is that I may be allowed with his permission to help as many autistic people as possible. If anyone knows a good order where I can still take up my call, and follow that passion that would be great. Once knowing about that order I would pray about whether I’m truly meant to pursue this passion of mine. I have very mild Aspergers and I go through alot of toil and torment for it. I can not fathom how the severely autistic feel. I also didn’t get the best help while growing up either. Please help provide information of what you think I should do.

These are very complex questions which it is near-impossible to answer on an anonymous forum, since there is a lot of information needed before an informed opinion could be given, and in any event, this isn’t really the place to advise people as to what their specific vocation should be.

If you don’t have a spiritual director yet, try to find one, and ask their advice. Its also a good idea to contact the vocations director at your diocesan offices. The answers will emerge by God’s will and at His pace. :slight_smile:

Best wishes and prayers for your discernment.

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