I think I'm being proselytized....

Hi all. Recently I received an email out of the blue from an random person which opened with a news story about Catholics ignoring the Vatican. I replied that I thought they had the wrong address, but that it was an interesting story. Anyway, I think this person (his name is apparently Glen) is trying to draw me into a conversation with the intent of evangelizing me. I reproduce here the conversation to see if anyone can recognize the tactics or what organization and/or theology the person has become a captive too?


On 04/03/2012, Joseph Back wrote:

I think you might have the wrong address, but it’s an interesting


On Tue, Mar 6, 2012 at 11:30 AM, Houston’s wrote

Mister Back,

May you live to see earth transformed into “paradise.” -Luke 23:43.
Your consideration in acknowledging my e-mail tells me “You are not
far from the kingdom of God.” (Mark 12:34)

Have you ever received an invitation of any kind from “the spirit
and the bride”? -Revelation 22:17.

All the best,


On 07/03/2012, Joseph Back wrote:

I’m planning to join the Catholic Church in April:) Where did you get my
email address?


On Wed, Mar 7, 2012 at 4:15 PM, Houston’s labellaglen@gmail.com wrote:

Mister Back,

Hope all is well.

You asked: “Where did you get my email address?” From an “angel
flying in midheaven.” -Revelation 14:6; Hebrews 13:2. Would Matthew
7:12 move you to answer the question I sent you (please scroll down)?


[Notice how he doesn’t congratulate me on joining the Church. This tells me the guy isn’t Catholic. Notice also how he lists Bible verses with at least in one case putting his own(or his organizatioons) interpretation on it, namely on Luke 23:43. But let’s move on.]

On 07/03/2012, Joseph Back wrote:

Yes I have received an invitation from the Spirit and the Bride - in a way.

Would “kindness” move you to tell me about this invitation you have
received? -Galatians 5:22.

This is as far as things have gone. Notice how he asks me questions that he clearly has a response too, but tries to draw me in with Bible verses and questions so as perhaps to offer his version of truth. Moreover, look back at his curious explanation for getting my email address. Does anyone recognize this sort of thing? And what is a truly charitable response?. Thanks all:)

No thank you, and block his e-mails. That is what I would do…

Jehovah’s Witness. Obvious from the refeence to earth being transformed into paradise. If he got your email via CAF, please report him. You may have to block him via your email provider, as they often will not cease contact when asked.

I don’t know which group this is, but your mistake was probably answering him in the first place. OK, your first response was polite and complimentary. But you should have left it at that rather than respond again. As in any telemarketing enterprise (or scam), if the potential customer responds, it is interpreted as your having taken the bait. He may be trying to proselytize you or just someone with too much time on his hands. At this point, you might consider blocking his email, or simply ignoring it in the future.

Just ignore this nut.

I’d drop this exchange like a bad habit.

The way in which he both initiated the contact and seeks to control the dialog is very JW-like. Could be some other fringe group, though.

Couple of books that will greatly help you, if you do not already have them: Catholicism for Dummies is one that every Catholic - every Christian should have. It will explain much more than the average RCIA program. And, The Essential Cartholic Survival Guide which is published by Catholic Answers. It teaches how to defend your faith, and the tactics used by JWs and others. Both have been a great help to me, and continue to be.

Just delete his messages and add his email address to your blocked list or spam list.

End of problem.



Block it.

Start proselytizing him. Start sending him faith tracts that is if you have the time. It could be fun. Ask him specific questions to make sure he has read them and take control of the email conversation. I doubt he would expect that.

However only do this is you are firm in your faith. I see that you are becoming Catholic and I don’t know how much self study you have done or what your previous background is.

I kinda did. But then I said if he had further questions to talk to a Catholic priest. Haven’t blocked him though, so maybe he’ll respond back. I read somewhere that JW’s and others are trained not to listen to you when you talk, but to mentally prepare their next discussion point. Maybe not everyone follows training though…

I just checked my email, and he hasn’t responded to my invitation. Instead he’s left the earlier conversation and has sent me a new email with more dirty laundry of the Catholic Church. Below is my response. I took your advice:)

Hi Glen,

Why are you back to sending me stuff critical of the Catholic Church? Are you trying to draw me in with things that you think will jar me? Like I said, I have no interest in disccussing the claims, triumphs, or sins of the Catholic Church. The Church is not perfect, but neither is any other organization with man involved. I want to discuss what you believe Glen. I’m willing to talk to you, but if you keep spamming me with the Catholic Church’s dirty laundry I will ignore you. I’m aware of the Church’s imperfections, but I want to talk about what YOU believe. Are we clear? I look forward to hearing from you!


Joes, I urge you to utilize this resource and quote some these statements by the Watchtower on this Glen guy:


One in particular I like is this:

“Beginning with Pentecost, 33 C.E., and continuing through the 19 centuries since then, this slavelike congregation has been feeding its members spiritually.” Watchtower 1981 Mar 1 p.24

The Watchtower teaches that the Slave that provides spiritual food is the entire group of the 144,000 of their religion.

So who was the slave before Charles Taze Russell?:confused:

Well he continued to spam me, so I said goodbye and reported spam (didn’t know how to block). I think it was ego that kept me involved for so long. On the way home I was thinking that “talking about what he[Glen] believed” was probably his eventual goal. He apparently wasn’t ready, but if he had been pride on my part would cause me to fall right into the trap. Airing the dirty laundry of the Catholic Church along with falsehoods is a way to draw people in. We need to guard against pride and defensiveness lest we fall into the trap. Let’s pray for Glen.

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