I think I'm getting sick, I'm in big trouble


Please say a prayer for me that I don’t wake up vomiting tomorrow. I have 2 kids coming that I babysit and I’m not feeling too good right now.

DS was vomiting all weekend and I’m so afraid I’m going to wake up with it tomorrow. I’m not feeling too great right now, but I’m hoping it’s just the cold I caught from the baby.



Well, a nasty 24 hour stomach flu just went around our daycare. I think I only was nauseated because of my exposure to so many germs for so many years but my dd an all her friends had what your son had. After 24 hours the vomiting stops but the diarreah stays for another day or two and after all the symptoms are gone, it still takes a few more days to recoup. I hope that you’ll feel better soon.


I did work experience during high school at a local daycare centre. After two days there I was so sick with the assorted bugs going around that I had to take the rest of the week off :nope:

Having said that, prayers for you MD - loads of honey and lemon, zinc, fish oil and vitamin C usually knocks colds and flu out quick smart for me.


I just called the lady I babysit for. She’s trying to find someone else to watch her kids tomorrow. I pray she does because I can’t imagine dealing with that while I’m puking…on top of taking care of Jacob.

DH can’t even take off work.

Are there any patron saints for the stomach flu?


I will say a prayer for you. There are anti nausea drugs over the counter types, that you can buy…and they help.


A) Why would she want you taking care of her kids if you’re puking?

B) If you are sick tomorrow, tell her you can’t possibly take care of her kids from the bathroom (where you’re puking). —KCT


Emetrol - you can get it OTC at WalMart. Not that you would need to be watching kids while taking it - but, it may help you care for your own DCs.


Boy, what an ordeal. I started vomiting right after I posted last. I’m still not feeling very well. My belly is just raw. :frowning:

DD got up in the middle of the night and started vomiting right along with me. Not fun. Poor kid, mom was too sick to take care of her. Then my younger DD started vomiting yesterday afternoon. She’s still vomiting this morning. That leaves DH and Jacob that haven’t gotten it yet. I’m just praying God spares them because DH can’t afford to miss work (he doesn’t get paid sick days :mad: ) and Jacob is just so young I’m afraid it’d put him in the hospital.

But God did take good care of us. DS (10 yrs. old) stepped in and helped A LOT. He took care of Jacob, which was really hard on him after awhile, and he even emptied his sister’s puke bowls. And then my mom walked in around 1, to my great relief! Thank God! I don’t know what I would have done without her help. Thank the Lord! :thumbsup:

ETA God even stepped in and found a back-up babysitter for the kids I babysit. They’ll be back tomorrow, so that leaves me today to recuperate and disinfect the house.


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