I think I've invented a Gospel

Some people were going to equip me with the Gospel sufficient to prepare to share it but the scenario collapsed in a fiasco.

I’ve cobbled together from the rubble the following bits and pieces not necessarily in the right sequence?

  • testimony of how the living God helped others (e.g whom you meet) and Bible characters alike

  • asking God to remove barriers to Him that our previous deeds may have caused

  • the desire to have Jesus within our hearts and also Holy Spirit power to live fruitfully in our everyday lives

  • beseeching Jesus when we lack and when those around us or whom we hear about are in lack

  • thanking Him

  • fellowship so that others can believe because they hear you supplicate and intercede and so that you can believe when you hear them do so

  • fellowship to swop understanding of Bible passages under sufficient guidance of an experienced teacher and (a) good book(s)

Is anything wrong or missing (stated succinctly) bearing in mind the need to keep the big picture balanced?


  • Don’t steal, lie, slander or hurt people and be chaste.

What is your definition of a gospel? :confused:

Didn’t Thomas Jefferson do something like this?

Well, no, he proposed an expunged version of Scripture.


I didn’t know you could “cobble” together a new gospel. The original gospels were written by Matt. Mark Luke and John and they were witness to the life and sermons of the of the Life of Christ. Thus we call the readings “This is the Word of God.” I sort of like what you have come up with, but more as a Codification that ordinary people or perhaps illiterate people can follow in a simple manner. I like simplicity.

One of the TV channels has a day called “Saddle Up Saturday” I wish that the same channel would be brave and offer a kind of Gospel Sunday, esp. for kids and like minded viewers. There is just one that I wouldn’t want kids or sensitive people to see, and that would be THE PASSION because it is so graphic. I tossed this in just because I could. Peace.

Over the years I’ve been through several culture shocks. Several groups said just about what I have listed, but were virulently hostile to one another. Then some more people said Christians mustn’t associate with each other at all.

I got disheartened and while I have to learn to take other people’s attitudes in my stride, I got confused.

There were also differences of opinion about how long it takes to do these things. While I don’t think they are done and dusted in an instant, I think one ought to be getting into all these things fairly quickly and not have to wait decades before one is “allowed” to progress, by which time one has lost interest in doing the “first things” out of context.

Being an Asperger, if something folds, I’m not always very sharp about where to “jump ship”.

I’m not saying anything vis a vis your proposal, but it’s not a Gospel. A Gospel is an eyewitness account.
Use a different term, and I think many people will enter the conversation.

It’s a gospel of sorts, but clearly will never be a canonical gospel.

Two of the canonical gospels (Matthew and John) are, by tradition, written by Apostles; and the other two were narratives written from eye witness accounts told to followers of the Apostle Paul (Luke) and the Apostle Peter (Mark).

A requirement for any NT book being canonical was that they bore Apostolic Witness (that is written by an Apostle, or with direct collaboration of an Apostle,which qualified Luke and Mark’s gospels)…so, if you can settle for having “invented” a gospel without hopes of ever seeing it in the Canon of the Church, well, God Bless you!

Sorry! It’s the Protestant in me !!! :extrahappy:


How about, “Good News”

Let’s see how that could be phrased. "I think I’ve invented a new way of teaching the “Good News”.

Still a bit presumptuous but not to bad.

Perhaps I am misunderstanding your definition of the Gospel, but I think the key message when sharing the Gospel - the good news- is that Christ has saved us, freed us from sin and offers us a new way of living.
I think the kerygma would be a good way summarizing the Gospel in a way that can be shared:

  1. God created us out of love, in His image and we were made for a relationship with Him.

  2. But we all have sinned (1 Jn 1:8) & and our sin destroys the relationship because wages of sin is death (Rom 6:2) and separation from God (Mt 7:23)

  3. God wants us all to be saved from our sin and does not want us to remain separated from Him (1Tim 2:3-4). Christ died for us so we can be free from the sin that destroys us and live forever with Him (1 Cor 15:3-8). Being fully God and fully human, He restored our relationship with God through His death and by offering us a new way of living- back in a relationship with God.

  4. We can respond to this offer-- by repenting of our sins and believing in the Gospel , and joining His Church through Baptism (Mk 1:15 (Acts 2:38)). We continue to live out our relationship with God by following His teachings and those of the Church (Lk 10;16), and through receiving the sacraments.
    Most of the things you said would also go under here- fellowship, prayer, having Jesus in our hearts etc. All these things are possible though, because of points 1-3, so it’s important to keep those in mind too.

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