I think my confession was invalid

Today was the 2nd time going to a certain priest for confession and I’m not sure if he said the words of absolution correctly. He has a somewhat thick Indian accent, but it sounded like he said “you are absolved…” rather than “I absolve you…” After doing some research I’m guessing that this would mean that my confession was invalid, correct?
He also never asked for my act of contrition and when I asked at the end if I should do it he said that usually people do their act of contrition during the words of absolution. This didn’t sound right to me either.

I’ve heard here from another CAF user that this can occur with EF priests (ex. FSSP) who offer confessions in Latin. In any case, I would just put my mind at ease by going to another priest.


Where does the line get drawn then between an invalid phrasing of the words of absolution and allowable changes due to a language difference?

It’s perfectly okay and many priests do it, even if they are not traditionalists. Usually the person starts the Act of Contrition and the priest says the words of absolution in a whisper while the person is reciting the Act. I can see it being very useful for speeding up a long line of confessions.

It’s not really your job to be policing the words of the priest during your confession, unless he’s clearly saying something really off the wall like the Our Father or “Jack and Jill Went Up the Hill”, or even “Jesus absolves you” or “I forgive you” or something that’s very clearly incorrect.

If you feel you need to hang on this priest’s every word to make sure he does it correctly, I would suggest you go to another priest.

Edited to add, if you are really concerned this priest is habitually using wrong words, you might ask him about it outside of confession, or speak to his pastor.

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