I think my mom is overreacting or am I "underreacting"


I would never let my 5 month old be gone for a week. No way. Not even with my mom or my mother in law. Sorry. I would miss my baby to much and I think that is way to young.


**If you’re overreacting then I’m in trouble. My DD is 10 months old and this morning was the first time she went for a car ride with just her daddy, lol.

She has been alone with him a handful of times (for walks if I’m not able to go, once when I went for groceries instead of hubby etc) but I just miss her so much!

When she is old enough to ENJOY a week away from home then I will deal with it. Hopefully by then I will be able to enjoy it too:)


p.s. her daddy is an excellent father and I am not worried about her when she’s with him…


Nope, you are not overreacting. I won’t let my kids stay overnight anywhere til at least 3 years old. I am very protective of them, I will admit it. Not to mention that my inlaws are the ones that always offer to take the kids but the answer is usually no, and this is why: they watch anything and everything that comes on tv day and night. TV’s are everywhere in their house, even in the kitchen and it is always ON!! So my 8 year old has seen parts from CSI Miami etc. thanks to them. My DH has talked to them about this but that’s for a whole entire new thread!! They just don’t get it! Why watch that stuff with kids around? I don’t watch tv even when my kids aren’t around (instead I sit on CAF :wink: ) But anyway, that is why they aren’t allowed to go there without us. Thankfully, they live 2 hours from here so the issue doesn’t come up too often.


I TOTALLY understand this. My MIL and FIL have the tv on 24/7. We on the other hand have thrown our tv out! My daughter is 3.5 and always wants to spend the night at Grandma and Grandpas. We have to tell her no when she asks why we tell her because they watch to much tv and to much tv is bad for you. Well, the other day I heard my daughter tell my MIL, " Grandma, you and Papa need to stop watching bad tv so I can spend the night. My mommy said so!" Aggghhh…why couldn’t she have said my daddy said so? Oh well, at least they know.


Yeah, my FIL thought it appropriate to watch a marathon session of that “Special Victims Unit” show once with my children around. Then, was puzzled when I removed them from the house when a show about a child-raping clown came on. :mad:

My MIL thought it “over the top” that my SIL didn’t want CSI on around her daughters, either. My MIL’S comment? “There was just a body lying on the floor with blood. It wasn’t like you saw him being killed or anything. Heck, it’s no worse than what the kids see on COPS”.

So yeah, needless to say, my children don’t get much unsupervised time at my inlaws’ house.


I don’t think your overreacting at all. I would NEVER leave my little baby for that length of time. My kids are older, and I wouldn’t leave them for a week. Perhaps, your mom and sister can come over and help you out a few days a week, instead of criticizing from afar and making suggestions that really don’t help.


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