I think there exists the equivalence of DNA in the soul

What do you think about that? Yes, spirit is spirit, but then, there are spirits and there are spirits. Each angel is different, God is different, Mother Mary is different etc…


DNA is the means of cell division and procreation. Souls have neither.

Each soul is already unique, in that each soul is formed with and for a specific, unique human body.


I was thinking more of the specific pattern within a particular person’s DNA not cell division nor procreation as obviously souls have neither.

I agree. So, that’s that. :slight_smile:

I just thought of something.

I was conversing earlier with someone where it was remarked that our minds reside in the synapses of our heads, although the “mind” itself is non material but informational and is an aspect of our soul (Hebrew: Neshamah).

In Hebrew, the human body his/herself is the lowest level of the soul (Nephesh). So it may well be that the human soul imprints not only the information in our synapses, for the next life, but also the body-data (which is likewise unique, except for identical twins ) contained in our somatic DNA; and uses this to build the spiritual body (pneumatikon soma) of the next life?


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