I thought I found something interesting

but I was wrong. I found this website that I thought was trying to attempt to come up with some great idea connection all the major world religions. Of course when I got to the Roman Catholic section, I began to shake my head.
If anyone cares to read the Roman Catholic section (scroll down) and dissect the words for our defense, i would be eagerly interested to read it. Part of my catholic faith grows as I read other catholics knocking down these attacks. Im sure there isnt anything new, but theres a good amount.

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p.s this is my first of hopefully many posts to come in the forums.


Well, it starts off with a total strawman argument:
“Roman Catholics agree with orthodox Protestants concerning the diety of Jesus; but, somewhere along the line, they elevated others (humans) above their divine Lord or to a place of equality with Him thereby diluting their faith in Him as the only standard bearer.”

We never did this. He is creating a falsity about the Church then he will attempt to tear it down. Hurray. :yawn: All right, let me read the rest…

This site basically makes the false assumption that Sola Scriptura (bible as sole rule of faith) is a true doctrine and that Catholic Tradition violates Scripture. Scripture, in fact, says Scripture is not the sole rule of faith.

He also proof-texts Scripture to support the doctrine of sola fide (slavation by faith alone) which didn’t exist until the 1500s. A complete reading of Scripture refutes these things. Jesus constantly says that we must obey the commandments and do the will of the Father. The book of James is primarily concerned with refuting faith alone.

The author of this site asks a bunch of questions about Scripture to support his view that we should all be able to just read the Bible and come to all truth. Sola Scriptura was invented in the 1500s and since then, sola scriptura churches have splintered into thousands of denominations all teaching different things. This shows that we can’t just read Scripture and come to the Truth. We need the Tradition that shows how we are to interpret Scripture as well as the Magesterium which preserves that Tradtion.

He also forgets the verse that says the Church is the pillar and foundation of truth, the verse that says people will twist Scripture to their own demise, and the section where the eunach is reading the Scripture and he needs someone to help him understand it

Finally, he makes broad sweeping statements about what people agreed with over history. He also leaves out other historical evidence which refutes his claims.

Basically, this site is a classic example of unsupported and unteneble historical claims, strawman arguments, false assumptions, and proof texting.

Fascinating that the writer on that website tries to tear down our belief in who Mary is, while “Ave Maria” plays in the background. :rolleyes:

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Here is a great source for Scripture and historical evidence of Catholic doctrine:


The Catholic Answers homepage also has great articles on these things :thumbsup:

First off I want to thank you guys for your responses.

This doesnt really fit directly into why I started this thread, but id rather ask another question in here as opposed to starting a new one.

Basically a friend of mine, from this forum, sent me this catholic chart of the history of the catholic church and the branches of religions that branched off it(I think its called points of interest). So I see some titles that I am not to familiar with. Since i have a large interest in it all, I did a small search on acouple. When I search northen baptist, I came across this site.


See the celtic cross on the top right? Why was I under the impression this was a catholic related cross? Circle representing the communion. And now I see this on a northern baptist website?

[quote=Fides]See the celtic cross on the top right? Why was I under the impression this was a catholic related cross? Circle representing the communion. And now I see this on a northern baptist website?

Hmm, they probably don’t even know it represents Communion. They probably just see it as an Irish-style cross.

Is this the chart? It’s a good one:

[quote=Genesis315]Is this the chart? It’s a good one:

Great Chart! For those without their Heresy Decoder-Rings, here’s a link to a quick explaination of the Great Heresies.

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yes that is it!!

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