I thought of you all tonight at mass

…I thought of how many of you have touched me…in various ways, throughout this year.:slight_smile: Sometimes, things get a little heated on here–but through it all, I see the love of Christ through each and every one of you. This year, I rediscovered NFP, and in doing so–discovered God’s true intent for the marital embrace–thanks to all of you who aren’t afraid to tell the Truth–God bless you.

I’m so very blessed to have met you–and to be a part of this forum. It’s a truly great place for us Catholics and for non Catholics to see the spirit of Christ in action. I pray for you all, and thought tonight at mass…how beautiful it would all be if we could all attend mass together.

That would be something!

Happy new year to my CAF friends, and to your loved ones! May you have a blessed, holy, and happy New Year–celebrating our Lord and Savior…in all that you do. May His joy and peace, be yours.

God bless!

PS: Please feel free to use this thread to thank those who personally have helped you this year, or just offer a word of gratitude in general for those on this board who supported you in your faith journey.


My Thanks as well to all the great fellow Catholics and their sincere thoughts and time to share the wisdom and knowledge of our Faith. Like 1ke, Puzzleannie and the many, many others.

Special Thanks to you WG for all your thoughtfulness and kindness and laughs.:wink: and those stupendous pictures, you give us on CAF.

Happy and Safe New Year Y’all.

Thank you to you too, Time! You have been a great help here and make me smile with your thoughtful and encouraging words:) …and I also want to say thank you to:

childofmary (you have become a dear friend to me:o ), 1ke, puzzle annie, Mirror Mirror, mamacita, Magic Silence, vern humphrey (yeah you do make sense at times hee hee):smiley: , Liberano, jrabs, Michael Welter, Katie (aka Kathy), Blessed Too, KCT, KCtheMommy, zemi and many others who have made this board a special place for us all.

To all the newbies too, who I have just begun to know, may we become better acquaintances in 2008.:slight_smile:

I just want to say that I just found this forum a couple of days ago. I am amazed at the wisdom and kindness shared here. So many seem to really take the time to be loving and helpful to others . I think its wonderful!! I’m so grateful to have found this site. I have already read and learned about situations that may become an issue in my family life and to have moral guidance, education and experiences that some of you have shared is truly a gift. Thank you to all and Happy New Year.

Happy New Year to you too, whatevergirl, and to everyone on CAF! 10 months since I joined these boards and I have to say, you’re all very helpful and kind with everything. Thank you so much and God bless!

I would come to Florida and give you a hug for all your kindness and the special way you make CAF a fun place to be, IF I knew where you were!! Then we could meet for coffee AND Mass. That would be soooooooooo cool.
Some day we will meet in a far better place than here. I’ll know who you are by STEELER shirt you’ll be wearing! You can take the girl from the STEELERS but you can’t take the STEELERS from the girl. I hope '08 brings you many good times and surprises( hmmmm…and that would be a baby?? :rolleyes: )
Many blessings to you and your family and thanks again for being my friend.


How sweet you are! :hug1: I have a lot of rediscoveries and new discoveries from reading this site too. Good stuff it is! :slight_smile: I hope you are very blessed with a ever deepening faith and love of Jesus this new year and every new year to come! Praise Jesus for your return to NFP and the faith! :smiley:

Kathy!!! You made my night with these kind words…you have such a funny sense of humor and I just love it! You never cease to make me smile, even if you don’t mean to sometimes.:blush: :smiley:
I so wish you could come here–15 miles north of Tampa, dear friend…I’ll be waiting with a cup a java.:wink: Mystic monk of course!:smiley: LOL!

So glad to have met you, and I can only hope to WALK as much as you do, girl.:slight_smile: Inspiring poster to say the least…keep up your great work, and thank you for replying! (((hugs)))

Oh and sanctamaria and just wondering…yes, I nearly forgot you…I have gotten to know you both too, and am grateful to have:) …I hope to get to know many more of you, too!

Hi LovingHim! So glad you ‘dropped’ by…may you also have a beautiful and holy new year–and may the love of Jesus envelope you like nothing else! Nice seeing you tonight.:slight_smile:

Thank you Sharon! That means a lot to me:hug1:

Happy New Year everyone. I am supposed to be at a party but our baby is in the hospital. My husband is there with him, so here I am!

Oh my gosh–what happened? I hope he is ok.:frowning:

We’re finally home. He just had a little trouble breathing. He needed some albuterol treatments and oxygen on and off. He wasn’t in danger or anything so it was inconvenient is all. Thanks for asking!

Thank goodness…I was worried for you. Thanks for stopping in to update us.:slight_smile:

Oh and sanctamaria and just wondering…yes, I nearly forgot you…I have gotten to know you both too, and am grateful to have …I hope to get to know many more of you, too!

Thank you! I almost missed this thread, so that’s both of us that nearly slipped up! :rolleyes:

I am so glad I have discovered CAF! Everyone on here has been so great, especially you, whatevergirl. :thumbsup: The closer I get to the Church, the farther I get from my old friends, so it’s nice to have such a close community to be part of.

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