I told my dad.

When I first joined these forums, I started a thread asking if I was morally obligated to tell my Father that I was becoming a Catholic.

I haven’t spoken to my father since I learned of his displeasure with the Catholic Church, but when he called me tonight, I thought it was best to tell him.

The good news is, he didn’t disown me like I thought he would. He didn’t even get upset. He did still have some misconceptions and he thinks I’m just “going through a phase.” I didn’t want to argue with him and push him in to a bad mood, so I let him speak his mind and then that was it. He had a kind of “oh well” attitude about it: one minute he’s talking about the Philippines Independent Catholic Church (I have to research this, no idea what he’s talking about) and then the next minute he’s reminding me to call my uncle.

Anyways, I just wanted to thank everyone for your prayers and advice. I’m so happy right now; it feels like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders.

That’s great! I am still in the closet with my family…:o Maybe one day I’ll confess it to them, lol!

Philippines Independent Catholic Church? Are you Filipino?

If so, I’m not surprised that he wasn’t upset. Practically 90% of Filipinos are Roman Catholics, haha, so the few Protestants in the Philippines have to live with it.

My father is Filipino, and I now understand why he was originally upset. He never told me about the Philippine Independent Catholic Church (PICC) before tonight, but now that I’ve had some time to research it, I see why he was upset. He was apparently a member of that church, but the PICC is no longer in communion with Rome. One of the founders was a Freemason and they lifted the celibacy requirement. Really messed up stuff, but now I understand where all of these misconceptions about the True Church come from. Maybe in time he’ll understand what true Catholicism is all about.

Wow! Maybe you will be able to convert him to the true Catholic Church.:smiley:

A closet Catholic? That must be difficult.

Eh, not so much. They know I attend mass every week, they just don’t know I’ve officially converted. You see, I married a Catholic man, and we are raising our children Catholic. I just converted last year (class of '08!). My family is pretty against the Catholic Church but know it’s important to my husband, so they go with it. They love him too much not to. :wink: I’m just avoiding the ‘lectures’ I will undoubtedly get when they find out I officially converted. That’s all.

I see. Maybe you and your family will just be a good example for them.

Another thought. They know that you attend Mass with your family; they love your husband. Your own family is a good example for them. At some point the subject may arise, perhaps if they are with you when you receive communion. At that point you can just say, “oh, I’m Catholic, too. Have been for a while.”

To be honest with you, and I’m not trying to preach, but you will feel a tremondous weight lift off of you if/when you tell them. The lectures will come, but if they know you go to Mass with your husband, chances are they know.

Just a thought. Best of luck to you!

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