I took the plunge....back to school


I registered for classes yesterday. It’s been 5 years now since I put my Nursing degree on hold, now it’s back to business. I’m nervous, I have to take Physiological chemistry in two weeks. :eek: NOT my best subject. I’ve already had to drop this class once because I was so lost. Yikes.

We also registered Jacob for daycare yesterday. That’s breaking my heart! He’s going to the same center my older kids went to, so it feels like I’m leaving him with people I “know” in a way but I’m still dreading leaving him those first few days. :crying:



You know what…you’ll probably do excellent since you are now older and wiser :wink: I would love to go back to school…I’m jealous!

I know it’s going to be hard to leave your little man. :hug1: But it’s only a few days…he’ll probably enjoy it!


go for it, it is actually easier when your child is a preschooler, day care much more available, and if you can set your schedule right, you can spend part of each day, perhaps lunchtime or an hour in the afternoon, at the center, so he associates you with it, and knows you will be coming back. At his age (3+) it is probably a good thing for him to spend time playing with other kids. DD had last day of classes and graduated a month before 2nd baby was due, and is so glad she pushed through the summer to finish her degree. Henry loved daycare, and misses his friends there, although his best friend is with the babysitter (he goes twice a week, while mom works at home on editting and tech writing consults).


Congrats on going back to school! I too just finally started back to school to finish my nursing degree. I don’t have kids but just remember that you are doing this to give you and your children a brighter future. I am sure that you will do well and be a wonderful nurse. I’ll keep you in my prayers. Good Luck!!!


It can be done! I went through nursing school with a newborn–he was born (c-section, no less :rolleyes: ) 11 days before I started my actual nursing classes. It was tough, but worth it. You’ll do fine! :thumbsup: :hug3:


Jacob’s only 15 months. :frowning:


well that is preschool, tho on the young side. Henry started day care 2 days a week at 13 months, and was up to part of every day by 18 months, with mommy and daddy shifting schedules he only went the whole 8 hours a couple of days a week, or during finals, or when daddy traveled on business. he thrived there, loved it, loved playing with other kids, and misses it now. She would send him a couple of days a week if she could afford it, because he is now 3 1/2 and they have a preschool program as well. he also learned a lot, including conversational Spanish, since there were so many Hispanic kids there, including his best frient, Jose. I guess it depends on the child, you know your child best, and whether a babysitter, home care or day care center would work best. if your school has a center that would be ideal.


Congrats!! And best of luck w/ the Chemistry :eek: . —KCT


Wow–how exciting! I understand your concerns about leaving your child at daycare, but when I went back to work, my dd actually enjoyed going a few days per week…she seemed to sleep better at night, and was happy to be around other kids. It’s so good that you have found a place that you like, with people you know. I know everything will work out!

Big hugs to you mom–I’m happy for you!:slight_smile:


I started taking prereq’s for nursing with a 2 year old, then found out about ds #2. It worked best taking the prerequesite classes in the evening when DH was there… just 2-3 hours a couple nights a week. When I got into the nursing program,it was a different story, I used part time daycare and preschool

I’m glad it’s all 13 years behind me now, but careerwise it was one of my life’s more intelligent choices. DH became an RN also, and we work alternate days so someone is almost always home with the kids.
It’s just as nerve-wracking, but much harder to find someone who can watch a defiant teen:confused: , as opposed to a toddler


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