I visited a Non-Denomination Church today


I was invited to a Non-Denomination Church today. The service was no different. There was “speaking of tongues.” I admire the preachers zeal but none of it convince me to convert to their faith.

I was ask. “If you die today, will you go to heaven. Are you saved?”

I replied, “I am saved through the baptism.” I then had a discussion with one of the worshippers there. I show him in Scripture is that baptism that it saves you. He back step.

I then went to a dinner with them. On my way back to the barracks, we got into a discussion about my reversion story to my Catholic faith my discernment for the priesthood.

I told them the Eucharist kept me Catholic. Because Jesus is truly present, Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity. They tried to show me it was not symbolic, I cited Jesus own words, “This is my Body.”

He said, “It is not his body.” Where is that said in the Bible?" I also pointed out why the disciples left him in John 6 verse 66, and they just try to change the subject by refering to Romans about confessing Jesus’ name.

I noticed how they try to avoid the issue which is the Jesus and that he lives in the Tabernacle.

I admire their zeal, and don’t blame them for their belief. I never really have an in real life discussion with anyone about my faith until this night.

It only proves to me that the CC is the One Christ Church. We did discuss the Reformation, but they lost that argument as well.

I use Scripture and historical facts to support the Catholic faith.

I hope I enlighten something in their zeal, they invite me again tonight.

I won’t say anything about Catholicism unless it is brought up in discussion, which I am happily to protect.

Oh, I did not part take in the worship. I made clear it that I came as an observer; nothing more.

If I should have any other encounter about this again. Do you have any advise?


…you should have mentioned that “non-denominational” was, technically, just another denomination…


Sounds like fun, Manny.

Good for you. Stand up for the faith, you will plant some seeds, I’m sure of it.

I am praying for you and this situation, tomorrow morning at adoration.

BTW you might want to invite your friends to come to YOUR church someday, too.


It is but I was not there to argue. I explain to them my reversion story of my faith.


You mean that they tried to show you the Eucharist was symbolic I assume.

You know, its quite fine to participate in their liturgy in those parts that are good and Christian. For example, the Lords Prayer, praising the name of Jesus, Listening to a Gospel reading.

We won’t convert anyone unless they know we love them.


One of them said, “It is not really his body and blood. It can’t be.”

I replied, "Where does it say that in the Bible? In the Bible, Jesus said, “This is my Body, and this is My Blood.”

He said, he said do this in remembrance of me. I replied, “Yes we must do the Lord’s Supper in remembrance. That is why I received the Body and Blood of the Lord when I approached the alter or center of the aisle.”

Remembrance doesn’t note it to be symbolic. He couldn’t say anymore. His friend tried to derail the subject by going to Romans 10:9, “if you confess with your lips that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.”

I replied yes, I say that everyday at Mass. In the Nicene Creed (though it doesn’t say it exactly but the Creed does say sum it all up.

We believe in one Lord, Jesus Christ, the only Son of God…he suffered, died, and was buried. On the third day he rose again in fulfillment of the Scriptures; …

You know, its quite fine to participate in their liturgy in those parts that are good and Christian. For example, the Lords Prayer, praising the name of Jesus, Listening to a Gospel reading.

We won’t convert anyone unless they know we love them.

I didn’t feel it would be proper to part take in worship service since I do not believe what they believe. They maybe Christians like I am, but they do not have the Fulness of Truth which the Catholic Church teaches.

Their service lack any Eucharist which is most common in most Protestant Churches… I can understand that because is the way they were brought up in faith. Their zeal is admiring…

They were rather impress about my zeal about society support for abortion and I was very vocal on it during the after service dinner meal. They think I should be a preacher. I said no… I only desire to serve God as a priest if He Will’s it.


Hi Manny,

When I go to Mass the only part I dont participate in is the Eucharist. I follow everything else. I dont agree with doctrine but for the most part I agree with what has been said in the Mass itself.

You can still sing and pray and listen—right? Did you just sit there like a zombie?

I opened my heart and mind to the Mass, You should do the same. Trust me no need to convert to the other side–unless you want to:p :wink: hehe

We are all praising God–dont worry your not cheating on Him.:thumbsup:


Amen… bravo!!!



why be confrontational when we can love Jesus and all others there?


I applaud you for wanting to reach out to our Protestant brethren. I’m in R.C.I.A. now, and perhaps one of the things that started me on this journey was a few Catholics in my Campus Crusade group many years ago who made me realize that Catholics are brothers and sisters. I can’t overemphasize that personal contact as a way of breaking down barriers.

That said, it depends on the situation, I suppose, whether people are open-minded (as I would hope I was!), or more confrontational. Still, we should affirm everything that it is possible to affirm without compromise. However, now that I have a renewed appreciation for the liturgy, I am fond of saying that liturgical worship is to non-denominational worship, what a meal in a fine restaurant is to eating at McDonalds!

May God grant you discenment as you seek His will about a possible vocation.


This seems to be typical. For one they do not usually know the Bible well yet they insist on all points of faith being backed up by it.

Advise? Stick with your own faith. There folks will just want to wear you down.


I think it is more important to show non-denoms that there are fervent, devout, practicing Catholics, and that an awful lot us USED to be non-denoms ourselves. I think it is worth the time spent to do it. Seeds can be planted that will grow into trees in a year, or two, or three.


Well, it’s probably best to avoid going again since it would look like you were instigating an argument. Is this church a non-denominational church? If it is, then ironic how speaking in tongues is preferred over other gifts. I grew up Baptist and we had nothing to do with tongues. My point being, who’s to say what’s correct?


I agree…there is a big misconception out there that people are leaving the Catholic Church en masse for non-Denom and Protestant churches. It’s simply not true.

And if you invite them to Mass, they might be totally shocked at the amount of Scripture they hear!


exactly. I did ask what language are they speaking. One of them speak and said, “the speaking of tongues cannot be translated like any other languages no one understands it.”

I didn’t want to insult their faith but I felt I that ther tongue speaking is not the same as those in Acts. I know that when the Apostles in Acts preached and speak in tongues, it means, "they speak in varies languages and it wasn’t a babble.

To me it sounded like babble. It didn’t sound Aramaic or Hebrew either because I know I have heard how those languages are spoken outloud. I didn’t say anything or voice my opinions concerning their tongue speaking.

I did not go there to divide their faith. The Non-Denomination’s speaking in tongues to me sounded like a babble than a gift of the Holy Spirit.



I will pray for you and those whom you have met and will meet tonight to have a fruitful and open-minded conversation.

God bless!


I dont believe in tongues because in the bible it says there has to be an intrepreter. If noone can understand and their is no one to intrepret that I do not believe it is real. I think that is a gift that is not given anymore, at least for now.:thumbsup:


I been to a Baptist service and there was no speaking in tongues there.

When I compare the two I prefer the Baptist service over the Non-Denom…

It is my understanding that not all Non-Denomination Churches have speaking of tongues… correct me if I’m wrong… That is more of a Penecostal denomination…


Speaking of Acts, everyone Jew hear him in his own language.


Yes it is pentacostal and I believe charismatic which actually might be two in the same.:o

I go to a non-denom and we dont believe in the healing power either. Heck my minister doesnt believe in miracles as they were performed in biblical times anyway.


Not even in Jesus’s miracles? Or is he talking OT?

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