I wanna find a saint that named lina or lena or rina

hello catholics in world!

i am south korean catholic

and i have a question for you guys!

i have a friend that has a saint name ‘lina(or rina, lena / it’s not obvious)’

but she doesn’t exactly know which saint is her saint!

because when she was young

an australian father named her as a lina(so it must be an english pronunciation)

and let her know her saint feast day is december 19!

so i searched saints that has a feast day that december 19

and also find saints that have simliar name with lina, lena, rina, cathlina, catherina, marcellina, everyname!!!

but i can’t find the saint!

if anyone knows about saint that has a feast day that december 19 and has a name that similar as lina

let me know!!! i really want to knooooow!

p.s sorry for the poooooooor english skill!

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Not aware of a St Lina ,I’ll keep looking :slight_smile:

thanks for the help!
yeah, i think that father call her saint name ‘lina’ because he is a english user
but i think the exact saint name of her is not just lina
it may be more close like ‘-lina’ or ‘-lena’ or ‘-rine’ form like ‘catherine’
so i searched it but i cannot find it yet :frowning:

i saw this too.
but there is no more information more than that :frowning:

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You might just need to read up on your St Catherine’s and pick your favourite :slight_smile:
Catalina =Catherine.

The most complete list I know is

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In Italian Lina and Rina are diminutive of longer names.

Lina can be short for Angelina or Carmelina.

Rina can be short for Caterina.

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The only name that occurred to me was St. Helena, Constantine’s mother, but her feast day is August 18:

I suppose Magdalena could be shortened to the diminutive Lena, so how about St. Magdalena of Cannosa?


But her feast day is May 8, it says here:

You’re right. I just read the thread title but not the body of the question. Mea culpa :no_mouth:

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awwwwwwwwwwww(with such a happy face)
You guys are all awesome!
thanks for the help guys.

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