I want a Catholic Family

I am 16 and a practicing Catholic, we’ll my Parents not so much in my opinion. They are divorced. My Mom is trying to get to Confession, but she is just not ready. My Dad was a Catholic but, now goes a Nondenominational Church. He tells me that you will still go to Heaven as long as you believe in Jesus, which I believe too. However I know there are certain things that can put us in jeopardy of losing our way with Christ. My Sister had a beautiful baby girl, and was talking with my Dad about Baptism. My sister is going to go to our Catholic Church tomorrow to see if she likes the Priest( Which I don’t think that will be a problem:thumbsup:) My Dad was telling her that she didn’t have to get her Child baptized because even if she does die then she will still go up to Heaven. Anyway back tot the title. I want a Catholic Family because I just want to have the intelligent conversations and to have well grounded faith life. In my Own Words. Show me parents why you guided me to be Catholic and now you are not following it? Show me what it means to live a Christ like life, show me the warmth that I see when I go to Church or when a Cute little old 80 year Polish lady gives me her number. Comfort me and tell me that I am doing the right thing. Encourage me to help out at CCD. I see the Catholic families that I have met, and I look at them and I can feel the Love that comes from them and I say to myself I want that!
Your thoughts?

Keep following your heart. Keep being Catholic!!!

Congratulations on your sweet little niece.

Keep in mind, that all families have their problems. Sometimes we look at other families and think “our family has so many problems”.

Even the beautiful families that you see where the entire family practices their faith - they have pains, as well. They have the Church and the Sacraments to help them in their pains.

You, dear Stephen, have many graces in your practice of the Faith. Your family may even one day strengthen their faith due to you.

I think your family has been tending to leave the Catholic Church due to the divorce. If they return, they would both have to admit to themselves that they divorced, confess that, and do something about it. Neither wants to do that. I think that’s probably why your mother can’t find it within her to go back to confession and probably why your father finds it easier to look around for another denomination that will accept divorce.

It’s not only divorce. People who have been in ANY kind of sin, often find it easier to leave the Church than admit they are wrong, stop, ask forgiveness, and change. That takes tremendous humility and courage.

It’s amazing you’ve been able to keep your faith throughout it all! Well, hold onto it! NEVER let it go, come what may! I am glad you want a Catholic family! God bless!:thumbsup:

God gave you the family that you have and you should love them more than any fantasy family you wished you had. Your parents still love you, even they are divorced and are no longer in love with each other; they need prayer, LOTS of prayer, especially your dad, who has strayed from the Church. You will be the excellent head of your own family some day, but until then, set a good example by living your life according to the Gospels.

I commend you for your desire to raise a Catholic family, amd I hope that all works out well for you in the future. God bless.

P.S. Make sure your niece gets baptized! :slight_smile:

Sorry for the sad times you have had at home and I know just how you feel. I went through 18 years of it. I hope you will get a nice Catholic family of your own some day. But just remember, it takes work, you have to be faithful - no matter what.


I am filled with so much joy reading the words you have written and I will dedicate my daily rosary to your intention. I was raised Catholic and knew a little bit about the faith, went to Sunday Mass weekly and thought everythinq was cool. One day I was challenged by an Anti-Catholic Fundamentalist about what Cathoilcs believe, to top it off he was an ex-Catholic. I answered as best I could but felt a burning desire to be able to provide a better answer and so I looked deeper into the faith. I was out shopping with my wife for antiques at a Goodwill store and found a book (Eucharist, By Fr. Robert Barron). I read this book and was amazed at what I had missed in the faith, I read more and more and learned more and more and was able to defend the faith pretty well. I was doing all this to win arguments but then something changed. I realized I had been going to Mass and learning the faith but love was missing and as we read in 1Cor13, love is essential. I see it this way, we never know who will plant the seeds of true faith and we do not know who will water, fertilize, or nurture those seeds. We do what we can, pray, and stay faithful, the seeds for me seem to have been planted by an anti-Catholic (he helped me to become a better Catholic because he made me want to learn and learning brought me to Christ). You are sowing good seed and as i have heard it said, “the Lord may not come when you call but he is always on time”. So keep living the faith the way you do, keep praying, and speak up for the faith especially when you know someone is being given advice that goes against what we as Catholics know to be true. You are a light to your family and the world, continue to be that light and you may just be suprised what blessings come your way.

And I will join in adding this intention to my rosary as well. You are an incredible young person. “Say not that you are to young.” You seem to have a strong faith. Live it and be a light to your family. I have a feeling that God has big plans for you.

God bless.

You have been baptized into the Catholic Family. Thanks be to God! I hope that you can find many brothers and sisters-in-Christ to share your faith with. Remember to ask for help from the angels and saints, as well.

Just wondering if you’ve been able to be confirmed. I hope you are able to avail yourself to the sacraments.

Often, it’s parents who pray for their children to come home to The Church. In your case, you need to pray that your parents find their way to have such a homecoming.

I’ll be praying for you, your parents, your sister, and your niece.

God bless you, little brother-in-Christ!
RC :wink:

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