I want a community that travels. Know of any?

Do you know of any other places to look up missionary sisters besides vocationnetwork.org/directory/community_search I looked at all of them and am still not satisfied.

I want a community that travels. They should go from place to place teaching/preaching/extorting Catholicism. I am a 19 year old girl.

Thank you.

That sounds like fun!

I think that you meant ‘exhorting.’

You could always join the US Navy with a guarentee that after boot camp you’ll be a Chaplain’s assistant. lol

St. Paul of the Cross got to be a missionary that traveled. I wish I could be too. But I can’t find one.:frowning:

Which orders get the closest and how do they do so?

Why do the Dominicans or the Maryknoll sisters not feel quite right to you, for example?

The mic sisters soeurs-mic.qc.ca

Are somewhat but you need to be a teacher or a nurse if you want to go into missions. From what I’ve heard, if you are wanting to belong to a community that travels, generally the missions requires medical personnel such as doctors and nurses. They are generally lacking in many areas and are in the greatest demands.

I have provided a list of directories that can help you with your search.

Good luck







First, you should find a spiritual director, who can also help. Ask your pastor if he knows of an (lower-case o) orthodox spiritual director in your area. But, in the meantime:

If you want to be effective at spreading the faith, take a look at the Daughters of St. Paul. cmswr.org/member_communities/DSP.htm .

Many of them don’t particularly run around much, but I know some of them travel regularly, giving conferences and lectures and the like. Take this road if you want to be an effective voice for the truths of the Church, and (if you’re going to college, or whether they might train you) make sure you undertake the study of classical rhetoric, a second modern language, Latin, the Church Fathers, Dogmatics, and Aquinas/Aristotlean philosophy.

If you want something more personal, one of several hospital orders would be better: many people pass through hospitals at difficult times in their lives: reaching different people is more important than being in different places.

If you have a spirit of activism, rather than one of Evangelism, you could try the peace corps or the ccservicecorps.org/, or there are a few other lay missionary organizations, until you are over it.

If you’re really just interested in the exotic, go check out Mother Theresa’s Missionaries of Charity - you will meet more people than you ever could dream of - and, again, is it really more important to physically run around than to touch many lives?

Simply put, there are no, and as far as I know never have been, primarily mendicant/itinerant orders for women because no ordinary will permit the heightened risk of them being raped or murdered. Or worse.

No, it’ s not fair. But, we all have to sublimate even our good desires into something more perfect.

Finally, the reality is that, while you’re young and travelling a lot looks good to you - and I encourage it - but (speaking as one who has traveled extensively) as you get older it will become less important. Specifically, you will probably want to nest: all women have a mothering instinct just as all men have an instinct to be fathers, and while brothers, priests, sisters and nuns give up having natural children for the sake of the Kingdom, it is usually disordered to NOT have some kind of a close-knit, spiritual family - to ‘settle down’.

Anyway - the important thing about all of these orders is obedience. I know it sounds difficult to our modern ears, but obedience to your ordinary/superior is what produces greater fruit (and consequently greater fulfillment) than you could ever do by yourself. In any vocation, it is by the cross of obedience that you will become holy and merit heaven, bringing all good gifts of God to those you are given to love.

Know you are in my prayers.

[p.s. just noticed the nursing suggestion above, and can affirm that is probably true, but I don’t know of any orders that run around a lot like that]

Thank you all for your answers but I still haven’t found a community that I like. Any more recommendations?

We can’t get more specific if you don’t. Please answer the questions above first so we have something more to respond to.

I don’t want to join the navy because I don’t want to kill people.

I tried a bit with the Dominicans but it seems they’re either friars or don’t travel. I don’t want the Maryknoll sisters. I have a spiritual director. She could help me possibly. I might contact the Daughters of St Paul but they probably have people with fancy degrees to do conferences. I don’t want a degree. Just training from the sisters. Plus I’d only get 45 min daily of free time to say all 15 decades of the rosary…It won’t work.

I’m more interested in the soul than in the body so no nursing maybe.

St. Paul had an excellent education for his time. Easily the equivalent of a legitimate PhD today. Indeed, a lot of the Evangelists and Apostles ended up sort of amazingly educated for their time, especially given their origins. Such is the work of inspiration, I guess.

Given that the powers of the soul are intellect, will, and memory, and the intellect has a primacy (you can only do the good when you know what the good is), intellectual formation is always crucial to preaching the one who said “I am the Truth”. It’s not an option.

Anyway, one final Catholic Pro-Tip:

Lose “I want”, “I don’t want” from your vocabulary during the discernment process.

Replace with “What does God want?”

More praying…

What you’re describing is at odds with itself.

You think you’re called to simplicity and humility and contemplation. That requires stillness and permanence.

And you think you’re called to travel to care for people’s souls. That requires formation and education so that you can steer them correctly. It’s even more important if you’re traveling because that kind of autonomy requires a lot of self-discipline and a strong foundation.

But you don’t think you’re called to educational formation, you think God wants you to be guided by example. That comes back to a contemplative life.

It would be prideful and self-seeking to want to travel, be active, and guide others without putting in the time and effort to be formally guided yourself. It’s no wonder you aren’t finding an order that meets your wants.

It sounds like you think God is pointing you towards a contemplative and mendicant life and perceive yourself to be a traveler, like the desert mothers. I think you’ll find that the kind of traveling you’ll do will be spiritual more than physical. A contemplative religious house with an active spiritual formation program which includes pilgrimages will probably be a good place to start.

A friend of mine also suggested you consider the Apostolic Sisters of the Community of St. John. You’ll have to learn French.

And then there’s also lay virginity. It is a dedication to a life in service of God and His church in the local community and diocese instead of through a religious house. That could take you all kinds of places.

Your spiritual director will be able to help you better discern your gifts and in what kind of life God wants you.

I’m fine with formal education from the sisters but I don’t want to spend time and money to memorize secular things like liberal arts, and such which is required for a degree.

Liberal arts is the classical western foundation for a well-rounded person.

If you don’t think you are called to being well-rounded in “worldly” ways like art and architecture and civilizations and history, the kind of simplicity you’re seeking will be found in a cloister.

Again, wanting to be worldly in travel without wanting to have the knowledge to make sense or good use of it shows a lack of discernment.

A vocation to religious life is not about what “I” want, it’s about what God wants for me!

Please take these issues to your spiritual director, this is the person, along with the vocations department in your diocese that should be helping you with this.

Peace be with you on your journey. :slight_smile:

I provided you with several lists of orders. I think with a prayerful heart you should look into them. God will reveal to you which one when he is ready. These days most orders want people to have some type of post secondary education before you enter because they are having to be more self sustaining. Therefore I highly suggest that you find a spiritual director, some orders also provide spiritual direction as well. If you want to be an evangelist, you will need some secular education for instance, going into the medical personnel are desperately needed inside developing community. The orders aren’t equipped to educate a person, they send their people to a school that teaches students how to become nurses. If you had nursing and felt called to Mother Teresa’s Sisters of charity, it would help you a great deal. Nursing is needed in this world and it will help you tremendously. If addition to nursing, if you also trained to become a midwife, that would be an extra bonus. The developing world is needing trained midwives. God’s plan’s are different than ours. I think you need to forget about what I want to do, and begin to have a humbling heart and let God’s will direct you to the direction he has planned.

Remember, you don’t need to join a religious order to work in evangelism in developing countries. If you had your medical training, there are many Evangelical, Catholic, and interdenominational missions all around the world that are helping people inside the developing world. They need those skills desperately. Having an education is becoming vital before someone joins a community because it gives a person time to grow as a person, as well as time to discern and learn a trade. One never knows how God will later use one’s education to help someone else. I know a nun who has her masters in engineering and yet she is a sister.

God gives people choices. There are many different parts of the body of Christ. Some preach, some heal, etc. “Now you are the body of Christ, and members of member. [28] And God indeed hath set some in the church; first apostles, secondly prophets, thirdly doctors; after that miracles; then the graces of healing, helps, governments, kinds of tongues, interpretations of speeches. [29] Are all apostles? Are all prophets? Are all doctors? [30] Are all workers of miracles? Have all the grace of healing? Do all speak with tongues? Do all interpret?” -First Epistle Of Saint Paul To The Corinthians Chapter 12 verses 27-30

God would be fine with me having the calling I have. God wants preachers. As for ‘what God wants for me’ it sounds like your saying the body of Christ only needs and wants healers and that Jesus will actually come out of the sky and appear and tell me what sort of sister I should become. It doesn’t work like that.

Dear Loyal,

I agree with much of what the other posters shared with you. I am a sister and I would also love to travel around the world preaching and teaching, but I also am so glad that my community is spending the time and resources for me to be educated. In my second year of graduate studies I have already learned indispensable things without which I would be completely unable to serve.

If you would like to speak outside of the open forum, please feel free to message me. I would be happy to talk with you about higher education and religious life, especially apostolic/active religious life.

Know I’m remembering you in prayer,

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