I want to ask for forgiveness from Catholics


I want to ask for forgiveness for saying bad things about The Catholic Church years ago when I was foolish and watching a bunch of youtube videos. Please forgive me.


LOL. Thanks, but you are asking the wrong party for forgiveness :slight_smile:

I will certainly acknowledge you for your apology though!


Sorry, if I posted this in the wrong section. I thought I should post here since I’m not Roman Catholic.


@Theo520 is saying that you should perhaps ask God for forgiveness rather than Catholics.
God bless.


I’ll remember you in my prayers for uplifting in your spiritual journey :slightly_smiling_face::heart:


Thanks @Jude1-3 .

You are forgiven and loved .

Please pray for me because I am a sinner .


May the mercy, love, and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with @Jude1-3


Somethings are starting to click even as I research other groups who I used to think were bad but now I understand why they exist and that they are actually meant for good. I hope the other groups forgive me also. I hope they have mercy on me.

I want to be people’s friends not their enemies.


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