I want to ask those with college age children a?


Those that have raised their children Catholic their whole lives are you concerned when they go to college that they will leave their Faith?

I ask this because someone I know well has a family member that JUST started college. For the Feast of the Assumption they were the ONLY one on their floor that went to Mass. All the others on that floor were raised Catholic just like they were. This person has already told the family that when home they will go to Mass with the family but they may not do so at college. They want to learn about other beliefs. This was someone raised Catholic ALL THEIR LIFE and saw the Faith lived and practiced by GREAT Grandparents, Grandparents, Parents and the majority of their close family. That would just BREAK my heart as the parent of that young person. I was just wondering.
Could y’all pray for K. that they won’t leave the Catholic Faith no matter what they see other Catholic young people do.


Young people these days are more influenced by their peers than their parents. I’m guessing college has been a bit of a culture shock for them but are there any good Catholic groups they could get involved with?


This young person knows about the Newman Center on campus and checked it out.


Sounds as if this young person is a disciple.


Make sure the Catholic center on campus knows that you son/daughter is Catholic and where they live. They will, hopefully, reach out to them. It has been said if they don’t start attending mass right away, they will not attend for 4 years.


Its normal. Not optimal, but normal.

Father of four here. The youngest just graduated this past spring from college.

All four strayed during college, attended Mass sporadically, and explored other faith traditions.

The oldest got married two years ago to an observant Catholic guy (Mother works at Franciscan Univ), they both attend Mass together every Sunday and recently went through the Alpha program, which they love.

The second got married on this past Saturday. Arch-bishop said the Mass, personal friend of the groom’s family. Solid Catholic guy, his grandfather was a deacon. They go to Mass every Sunday together and are in the process of joining their new Parish.

Number three (a boy) moved 4 hours away for his first job. Attends his men’s group meeting every week, does bible study, attends Mass every Sunday.

The youngest will be starting Vet. Med School in the fall, just moved in with his oldest sister and her husband, attends Mass every Sunday, dating very seriously an observant Catholic girl (for over a year). She is looking into moving to his city (checking out the job options) within the next year. Her whole family attends Mass every Sunday.

If they have been properly catechized, they will find their way back. Relax.

Besides, its called free will and neither you nor anyone else can force someone (even your own kids) to remain in the faith. Its in God’s hands once they reach adulthood.


Congratulations, Deacon Jeff! Your family sounds like it is really doing well!


Thanks Deacon Jeff. I know this is bothering my friend and the Mom and grandmother a LOT! We’ll just pray and let God take care of it.


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