i want to be a priest when i am older

The world is bruised and cripple… many people are losing faith

i want to help in restoring faith, everyday i ask god to show me they was, so that i can spread it to others.

i want to be a preist when i am older, but lol i also want kids thats cant happen right?


I think that it is a little bit too soon to decide between priesthood and having children. My suggestion is that you keep growing in your spiritual life and try to emulate Jesus. With prayers and time God will let you know what your calling his.

Parenthood and priesthood are different callings and I honestly believe that each one of them is enough to keep a true man busy. The Latin Rite of the Catholic Church has a discipline that does not allow married man to be ordained except in some cases of protestant married ministers that convert.

Just remember that with our baptism we are called to be priests, kings, and prophets. You can do the work in the Lord’s fields either as a lay person or as a priest. Study, pray and grow in your spirituality. God will lead you if you will let him do so.

Yes, you can be an Anglican/Episcopal priest. There are many wonderful pastors in the Christian Community that are married and have children.

God Bless!

If I’m not mistaken, Catholic deacons can marry and have kids, right?

I am happy you want to make a difference. You can become a Deacon. A Deacon can help with the Holy Mass and read the Gospel, but he cannot do the consecration. That is for an ordained priest only. Good luck. I will pray that God calls you for this beautiful vocation.

no. you must make a choice. to be tottally commited to the work of the Kingdom or become a good Catholic and evangelize through other means.

i hope you choose the priesthood in the CC. you will be a great blessing to us.
pick up some books on the lives of the saints who were priests.

He wants to become a Catholic priest.

lesonal how old are you? I want to make sure of this before I answer your question because sometimes I give very complicated and long winded answers to questions.

i am 15 turning 16 soon

Oh no, please. He cannot be an Anglican/Episcopal priest if he’s going to be a Catholic!!!

The boy has good intention; it’s too early now to know what vocation it will be but at least the seed of service is planted in his heart.

Let’s pray for him that God will lead to his calling in life so that in due time everything will be made clear to him.

A married man can be ordained a deacon, but a man who is already a deacon cannot marry after ordination.

He could marry before ordination and have children if he’s a member of an Eastern Catholic Church.

If you feel the calling to give your life to serve others through the graces of the Catholic Church, then the Lord may definately be calling you to give your life for Him. You might become a great person for Him through this means. To give all and gain many souls for Christ is a live worth living. Pray about this alot, seek God’s will for you. Ask Him if this is what He wants and let Him reveal His plan for you in the years to come.

I am not sure how it is done in the RCC, I have been told, if I remember correctly, that their are some in the Orthodox Church, and that some cases have happened in RCC, but I could be mistaken, so don’t quote me.

I have thought about becoming a Monk in a buddhist monastery, maybe in a very very solitary place in China or Japan, or some country that keeps me away from other people, and with fellow people that believe as I do, and allows me to enhance my enlighenment.

I wish you luck.

I think this is a wonderful aspiration on your part. My daughter, who is a bit older than you, is considering teaching in the Lutheran school system at the high school level (she can’t be a pastor in our synod). God’s Church needs leaders and workers possessing all kinds of gifts.
You will find as you get older that He will lead you where He wants you. Work hard in school and prepare for the choices ahead of you. Don’t listen to the cynics, listen instead to your priest and those who would support you.

His peace be with you,

One thing to think about in the meantime:

To the extent that you spiritually improve yourself through the grace of God–to that extent you have helped heal the world.

Get married and then become a priest in one of the eastern catholic rites, problem solved!

Im so happy for you, i was following the other thread, and for one as young as you are, you are lucky to be called by Jesus at this stage of your life.
Many Saints were young when God called them to do his work, so, dont let anyone influence you when you hear God calling you.
I will be very interested in watching your progress.
May Jesus guide you and ensure you stay close to him always.


I think that it is natural for people who desire to a religious vocation to also want a family.

Wanting a family is a natural desire that many people have. The religious life is a supernatural calling, and it takes supernatural strength. Above-natural.

If God is calling you to be a priest, you won’t be able to have children. (if you’re in the Latin Rite…) but He’ll give you the strength you’ll need to fulfill your vocation. If it’s His will, of course. But it would be important to trust Him.

I also think if someone is a religious, they have children too in a way, not biological children but spiritual children.

Oh nice its very good thinking. I think you have the patience to being priest. God bless you.

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