I want to be excommunicated.

This is terrible. I am addicted to porn and masturbation a lot. I read somewhere that when you commit sin you crucify Jesus again. I cannot bear the guilt of crucifying Jesus again and again. I love him but I dont love him enough to stop my sins. But I feel really sad that I crucify him again and again. I read in the Bible that a person who was doing great sexual sins was asked to be excommunicated in 1 Corinthians chapter 5. I think I deserve this. I have struggled with porn addiction and been to regular confession but now I think this is too much. Please see my earlier threads to know my history. Please advise me. :o

  1. That is a matter for your confessor, not random strangers on the internet.

  2. Even if you are excommunicated, your sins will continue to cause just as much pain to Our Lord–in fact, much more pain.

That said, what advice I can give is that you might benefit from devotions to the Sacred Heart, which can help you to develop a better first-hand understanding of Jesus’ unconditional love for us, and of his infinite mercy.

Well, excommunication is medicinal and serves to remedy the sin and prevent t sinner. Only then can you be received back into the Church. What you are struggling with really does not warrant excommunication, it’s severe but you do realise that your addiction lessens your moral culpability and responsibility for the sin. While it is by your own will you commit these acts, you mind (being addicted) is programmed to just do it.

You can only get mere advice on a forum, what you NEED to do, as soon as you can, is to call your parish priest or your confessor. They can help you.

Don’t leave your Father’s church. Not over this. This can be overcome.

I felt the same way recently. I didnt want to be ex-communicated, but I wanted to stop going to confession over a sin that I had a hard time stopping (still do have a hard time with). I felt like maybe I deserved to live in mortal sin if I was to continue on committing this sin.

It was the brilliant advice of a priest that made me think differently. Go talk to your priest and tell him everything. Give him the chance to help you. Every now and then I have a talk with a priest who says something so awesome it changes my way of thinking about things.

Give him a chance…go see him right away. Good luck, and hang in there!

This is the time when you need the Church more! And confession. Do not fall for satan’s trap and leave the church. I’ll pray for you and God Bless. I have struggled with a different type of sin myself, leaving is not the solution.


This is a great catholic based website for anyone fighting any addiction. Sobriety (sexual, alcoholism, drug, etc.) is so worth it!

If your son came to you with this problem, would you, loving him deeply, tell him to cut himself off from the church? I know you think you’re powerless, but there is a better way to gain freedom from the guilt and the enslavement. Love! Unconditional love!

I’ll be praying for you!

God bless you with freedom from addiction and a peace in your heart. Seek the advice of your priest face to face, trust in his ability to help you with forgiveness and a solution to your issues.

Please stop beating yourself up. You’ve been to confession, and now perhaps you may want to consider going into therapy to deal with your addiction. The first step is to forgive yourself for your addiction. No one is perfect. God bless!

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