I want to be like Don Bosco!

I don’t know if this sounds silly, but I love Don Bosco! If you were to ask me why I want to be a priest, I’d say, “Because I want to be like Don Bosco.”

I didn’t know anything about Don Bosco before I attended my current high school which is run by the Salesian sisters. And now that his relic is coming to our school and I am helping with the event and have learned more about him, I now LOVE Don Bosco! I want to be like him.

There’s just something about him and his love and service to the young that touches me. Every Salesian priest I have had the opportunity to meet has been wonderful and really live out the call to be like Don Bosco and Jesus.

The thing is, I am no where near like Don Bosco. Don Bosco’s lived a pretty holy life. I’m no where near holiness compared with him. I don’t know how I can do it, if I even can. But I hear the call saying, “Follow Don Bosco, follow Jesus.”

And I want to, but it’s hard. I hate temptation, but give into it. I want to make “Death, but not sin” my motto, but I sin often.

This is a journey, and I know that I can make it and be like Don Bosco.
I actually feel the love of Don Bosco!

Does this sound odd?

Here is a cheesy (but great at the same time) song about Don Bosco:
youtube.com/watch?v=V2_EDjric-s (skip to 1:00)

A prayer–

You were a light in the dark for the young who could not see—
And you were a spark for the young to become all they could be.
Help us come to be,
All that God calls us to be
We will be the witness,
We will spread the message,
That you Don Bosco are the friend of the young and the poor,
Lead us safely through the storm,
To the heavenly shore.
Touch our hearts with that fire,
Make our God our desire.
We will be the witness,
We will spread the message,
That you Don Bosco are the friend of the young and the poor,
Lead us safely through the storm,
To the heavenly shore.

First of all, I’d advise you not to try to become a priest simply because you want to be like Don Bosco. Becoming a priest has to always ultimately be about Christ calling you to serve him. Other things may come into play, but that has to be the greatest and final reason for it, and nothing else. There’s nothing wrong with having a great saint to model yourself after, but you should not decide on such a thing simply because that person is a priest. For example, my patroness and constant model is St. Maria Faustyna. Yet I’m in seminary trying to become a priest, not in a convent trying to become a nun. :smiley:

As for being nothing near Don Bosco, do not be too hard on yourself about it. Regret the fact that you are sinning against God, not that you’re failing to be like Don Bosco. The first is the greater crime. So simply regret sin because it is sin. As I said, it is good to have a role model. However you really shouldn’t expect yourself to immediately be like them. Temptation is not conquered overnight. We are all human and flawed, but God can make us into saints, if we answer his call to come follow Him. Pray to God, the Blessed Mother, and Don Bosco for help in resisting sin. Also, find a spiritual director. They will help you with these things, and with your discernment.

i say go for it…we could use another Don Bosco in our Clergy…pray for St. John Vianneys intercession as well, i will too …best of luck in your vocation, your enthusiasm is refreshing

God Bless

Given the fact that I graduated from a school run by Salesian sisters, I can understand your enthusiasm. I, too, have a devotion to Don Bosco.

However, the priest’s ultimate goal is to conform himself to Christ and Christ crucified, as St. Paul wrote to the Corinthians. He must spend himself every day in service to Christ and to His Church. Part and parcel of that service includes fidelity to the Church, to everything that the Church holds. This includes the proper celebration of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. I stress this because the Mass is where Don Bosco drew his strength. He never fooled with the rubrics nor did things that were contrary to the norms, rubrics and prescriptions that the Church sets forth. Don Bosco was a stickler for fidelity.

Take Don Bosco as a model. But, remember that he took Christ as his model.

As what the people said, youre enthusiasm is refreshing. Like fresh baked cinnamons :smiley:

Anyway, I am happy to see a man like you who is very interested and enthusiastic. However, i hope this will not be a dole-out type of interest, ok?

You remind me of Don Bosco , a huge fan of St. Frances de Sales. I say there is nothing wrong in making a saint another example to love Jesus though. Pray always, it is the only way.

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