I want to become an Eastern Catholic!

I am a Latin (Roman) Catholic from Srilanka. I am interested in becoming an Eastern Catholic. But there are no eastern catholic churches in my country ! I thought of giving up my idea of becoming an Eastern Catholic. But I couldn’t. I need your help.

If there are no Eastern Catholic churches in your country, that will be tough.

Most Eastern Catholics attend a Latin parish when there are no Eastern churches available in their neighborhood. Especially in the West.

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I think, before we can offer you any help or advice, it would be helpful to know why you’d like to become Eastern Catholic. What are your reasons for wanting to change your canonical status?

Simply because I’m not satisfied with my Western catholic prayer life. I am more interested towards an Eastern way of prayer.

That requires approval of the Holy See through the Congregation for the Oriental Churches.
Palazzo del Bramante, Via della Conciliazione, 34, 00193 Roma, Italy http://www.gcatholic.org/dioceses/romancuria/d04.htm

You could write a letter to them. Are you interested in Syro-Malabar or Syro-Malankar or another?

You need to choose what Eastern Catholic you want to become. However what is real point of it if there are no Eastern Catholic Churches in your area?

If you want Eastern prayer life, go for it. You don’t need to become Eastern Catholic to pray Eastern prayers. Becoming Eastern Catholic will change your Holy Days of Obligation, will change way you fast etc. You’d need guidance from Eastern Priest to become Eastern Catholic and that isn’t practical in your situation.

I am Latin Catholic who in one period of his life attended only Eastern Liturgy, prayed many Eastern prayers and it helped me a lot. Church is diverse for good of the souls. However I could do all of this and even read and hold Eastern theological approach even while I was still formally Latin Catholic. I might again start attending Byzantine Church but I am staying Latin Catholic for now.

Just to mention, in my case, thanks to East I found my identity as Latin Catholic. You might one day be Eastern Catholic but until you are familiar with East start by experimenting and learning Eastern tradition and seeing if you are called to just experience East or to become Eastern. Give it time and be patient.


What do you perceive the differences are between Eastern Catholic and Roman Catholic spirituality?

I don’t think they are in Sri Lanka.

None of the eastern Catholic parishes are, but the reason I asked is that for you to make a request to be ascribed to another Catholic sui iuris church, you will have to say which one.

Note that where there is no eastern Catholic parish, the Latin Catholic church will care for the sacramental needs of the eastern Catholics there. Some of what will change is the sacramental discipline, holy days of obligation, fast and abistenance.

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