I want to donate to a Catholic charity

I want to donate to a Catholic charity, ideally one that does work on the ground long-term in Haiti. I’ve been fascinated by Haiti and the Haitian people and saddened by their constant plight since my early twenties. I Googled Catholic Charities Haiti and came up with quite a few, including Caritas. Has anyone got one or two that they can recommend that’s doing good work helping the Haitian people?

Also, several of these charities seem to have branches in other countries. I don’t imagine there’s a way to designate a donation to be used for work in a specific country, right? I would imagine that the charity will divert the funds to wherever it feels there’s the most need. And I’m fine with that too.

Is there a St. Vincent de Paul society out in Haiti?

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Maybe this?
I hear Al Kresta talk about them. I do not have personal knowledge of this organization.


I’ll look into that! Thanks!

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Oh, great! I’ll give that a look!

One specific: https://www.haitianhealthfoundation.org/

You could also contact Hospital Systers Health System. It’s a system of 13 hospitals in Wisconsin and Illinois. The support / run. Clinic with outreach, in Jeremie, Haiti.

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Thanks everyone for your suggestions! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Donate directly to the Diocese in Haiti.

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I ended up signing up for monthly donations to Catholic World Missions. My parish donates to them and they’re doing important work all over the world, including Haiti. I may do a separate donation to the Diocese in Haiti, too. Thanks everyone!

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