I want to help the poor


I want to help the poor, as I know this is what Jesus wants: "Do this to the least of these and you do it to me" I am currently out of work and have no money to donate to charities at this time, but I know there must be some kind of volunteer work I can do instead. Does anyone have some ideas? Thanks.


I ask the Lord to guide you in choosing who to serve with gospel love, knowing that ou charity begins with love and kindness to family, friends and acquaintances, with even a smile and a kind word.
I ask the Lord to lead you to whatever volunteer work of charity is possible in your area and your parish. God bless you!

The following poem “But” was written by a Divine Word Missionary, inspiring us to love of others, even in the smallest gestures of human kindness.

It was only a sunny smile,
And little it cost in the giving;
But it scattered the night
Like morning light,
And made the day worth living.
Through life’s dark warp a woof it wove
In shining colours of hope and love;
And the angels smiled as they watched above,
Yet little it cost in the giving.
It was only a kindly word, a word that was lightly spoken;
But not in vain,
For it stilled the pain
Of a heart that was nearly broken
It strengthened a faith beset with fears,
And groping blindly through mists of tears,
For light to brighten the coming years,
Although it was lightly spoken.
It was only a helping hand
And it seemed of little availing;
But its clasp was warm,
And it saved from harm
A brother whose strength was failing.
Its touch was tender as angels’ wings
But it rolled the stone from the hidden springs
And pointed the way to higher things,
Though it seemed of little availing.


Does your local parish have any outreach programs that could use help? You could give of your time and talent. Asking at the parish office might be a good idea.


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