I want to homeschool but feel a little lost


I know that there are a lot of resources online about Catholic homeschooling, which is what I want to do when I have a family, but I am a person who likes structure.

Does anyone homeschool and have a strict structure that they follow, like through an organization online that provides tests and stuff?

Feel free to share anything else you think is valuable to know for a prospective homeschool teacher.


As a Seton student, I can’t help but point you in SETON’s direction. I love the school to death. The work is extremely hard, but it’s well worth the effort.

Seton will send you all of the books you need, along with a course manual. In the lower grades, there is a little less structure. However, as you get in to middle and high school, you have to follow strict schedules, or you will get behind. As the teacher, you can eliminate some home-graded work (they give you an answer key), but you cannot eliminate anything that is sent to them for grading (quarter testing and such). Here is their website:


You can easily request an information packet. :thumbsup: You are in my prayers. :slight_smile: God Bless!


Many years ago, my parents choose to use The Calvert School to homeschool us. It is very stuctured, with daily lesson plans and schedules.



Mother of Divine Grace School:

Catholic Heritage Curricula

Also, I urge you to contact a homeschool group in your area. Lots of them have email groups. Getting into contact with other homeschoolers in your area is the best way to make it less scary.

catholichomeschool.org/findgroup.php will help you locate a local Catholic homeschool group in your area, if there is one. Even if there isn’t, you can still contact the nearest one and see if they can provide you with any other info.

Best of luck!


Keep in mind, that just because you do best a certain way, you may have kids who work/ learn in a totally different way!



We use Catholic Heritage for our oldest (first grade) and we like it a lot.

Structured enough so that we know what we need to cover but adapts to her learning style.


We also use Catholic Heritage. We’ve used the Kindergarten curriculum and will continue to use it next year as well. I’m not so sure about secondary, as my husband will probably want us to switch to an accredited program, in anticipation for college (which is about a million years off)



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