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I have known i wanted to be a priest ever since i could talk. Recently within the past 2 years I have fell in love with the Latin Mass and am considering entering the Institutes seminary in Tuscany. The problem is that there nearest church is 3 hours away and I don’t know who to talk to. Do any of you have any advice. I still have 2 more years until i graduate high school so i still have a little bit more time


Getting into the ICKSP seminary (I’ve heard) is very difficult, becuase you have to have I think one or two priest me vouch for you or something. That’s what I’ve heard anyway.

Are you convinced that God is calling you to the ICKSP? Have you thought about the FSSP? It would be much easier to get into their seminary.

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Thanks I have looked into the FSSP but my mother doesn’t want me to go to a seminary in Nebraska. I know they have one in Switzerland but I am not sure if it is only for European seminarians.

Thanks I am getting confirmed this year and am going to pick him as my patron


To add onto @semper_catholicus, if I’m not mistaken, you ought to have some knowledge of French as well. Are you taking French right now in high school? If not, I would suggest you do so.

The FSSP also says the TLM, along with the Canons of St. John Cantius. I think there’s a Norbertine community in the US that is also very traditional, not to mention the Benedictines at Clear Creek. I would check them all out. Really, the best advice I can give you is to contact the vocations director of the ICKSP and ask him what to do.


The FSSP seminary in Europe is for German or French (and maybe one other language) speaking seminarians. It’s too bad your mother doesn’t want you to go to the one in Nebraska.


No but I am taking Italian which if I go to Tuscany will probably be useful.


I know but I trust in God that if I am called to the FSSP. My mother will allow me to go to the one in Nebraska.


I live at the end-of-all-roads, USA, and there is a young man locally who is entering their seminary next Fall. The closest ICK parish is a whole day’s journey, and he doesn’t have any particular priest that vouched for him. He does, however, attend a Latin Mass on a somewhat regular basis. He just contacted ICK directly. Here is their website with vocation information: ICK Website.

He is in the process of learning French because that’s the language in which all the classes are taught. Seems like he’ll have some language immersion time before classes actually start, but I’m not sure about that.


Just read this on their website:

" Due to the ever-growing number of young American men that join the formation program as seminarians or oblates, the Institute has already implemented for the past several years now a special pre-seminary program which prepares these young men for entry into our International Seminary near Florence, Italy. The main center for this pre-formation program is at St. Francis de Sales Oratory in St. Louis, Missouri, but we also have young men in training at other apostolates throughout the United States. The American candidates for the oblatehood are all trained in our American houses."


Well, one does not enter Seminary until they are an adult. While your mother will always have opinions, she does not have to give you permission to go to Seminary.

Nebraska is a nice part of the US!!


No disrespect to your mom, but if you enter seminary you’ll be an adult and won’t need her permission to go anywhere you want. It won’t be her call to make.


I’m sorry, but this makes no sense. Seminarians don’t go to seminary to travel around and site see. They are at the Seminary most of the time.

Tht part of Nebraska is a nice place to be. I’ve been to Lincoln, NE once, and it was very nice (though I don remember how far the Seminary is from Lincoln)

Also, Mom really doesn’t have a say once you are 18 (assuming you are in the US). You need to go where you are called.


The reason there is a discussion of going to the seminary Nebraska is because it is seminary for the FSSP. The OP has expressed his desire to become a priest for an organization which offers the Traditional Latin mass, and that is what the FSSP does. Hence, that is why he is talking about going there.


Yeah… I know.

I’m saying it makes no sense that his mother doesn’t want him to join the FSSP because she doesn’t want him to go to Nebraska.


please give a link to this exact webpage

UPDATE: I found the link to this page: http://www.institute-christ-king.org/vocations/vocation-questions/



Oh I see. My bad.


I’m assuming you are from the USA. If you are not, please forgive me.

Assuming you are from the US, please check out the top part of the vocations website, which tells you how to contact them.


Make sure to read all those questions, because it looks like French and Latin are the two languages required for English speakers - even though the seminary is in Tuscany.

God Bless and God Speed


Study up on your Latin and Italian, as well as your other studies.

Even though their closest church is several hours away, you will definitely want to visit them, joining the ICK isn’t like joining the AAA. They have to be convinced you are a good fit as well.


Yes, French and Latin are required, but on this same page, it also says, “While it is certainly beneficial to know already at least some French and Latin before entering the Institute of Christ the King, this is not a necessary requirement, since our one year pre-seminary program offers training in both of these languages if needed.”


Right… but it looks like its necessary before moving from St. Louis to Tuscany. But I might be wrong. Regardless @Sean should use this website and contact them.


God Bless

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