I want to join the Paulist Fathers


My name is Titus Donyeh Nymenome from Ghana. I am a baptized and confirmed Catholic and wants to discern my vocation to the Paulist Fathers. I have completed senior high school. I want to know their requirement and how to contact them.


Hi Titus!

I did a quick web search and found their site, and this link to their vocations page. There’s information there about their requirements and there are some contact details (email and telephone) at the bottom of the page.


Good luck with your discernment. :slight_smile:


Isca beat me to it. The Paulists played a big role in my life and I love the work they do.


Praying to the Holy Spirit to give you guidance & direction in your discernment.


May Our Lady guide you ever closer to Our Lord as you discern your vocation.


I don’t see any listing for a Paulist community anywhere in W. Africa. Not sure what the next step would be, now I’m curious to learn how he would enter novitiate in a situation like this. Enlighten me…
Good luck and God Bless Titus!!!


You’re right. The Paulists were founded and their mission continues as missionaries to North America. Their novitiate is in the US and their work is in North America, mostly the US.

It’s possible the OP has a different community in mind. There are others with Paul, Pauline, etc. in their names.


Of course there are some who might think that North America might still benefit from the arrival of a few more missionaries…:thumbsup:
May God bless all who discern a calling to missionary work and the salvation of souls.


True that. I know of an Anglican parish that believes they are working in mission territory, in Delaware County, PA. They do have a valid point. :slight_smile:


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