I want to live a celibate life


I’m not ashamed to admit that at 22 years old, I have not had sex. I would like to know people’s opinions on me living a celibate life?


Celibacy is not something one does because he has reached a certain age and never had sex. Celibacy is not meant to be an escape or a form of resignation. Celibacy is a vocation. Are you discerning that God is calling you to live celibately? This is a question for a spiritual director.



actually, all who are not married are called to celibacy. i congratulate you for your ernest desire, and pray the lord gives you the grace and strength needed. God bless.


The term “called” is usually associated with the concept of a vocation.

So one is “called” to the priesthood or to a vocation as a sister or a nun, or “called” to the married life or the celibate life.

All who are not married are required to be celibate, but not all who are not married are called to a vocation which involves permanent celibacy; so one may be “called” to the married life but has not yet the potential spouse, and in that circumstance one is required to be celibate.

As noted, to the OP, if you feel that you may have a vocation to the celibate life, you should seek the guidance of a spiritual director. That may include a call to be in a community of professed religious, or in a community of celibate lay people, or to life a life on your own.


Thank you everyone for your help and advice. It’s really a personal choice I’ve made and thought about since I was quite young. I hope I haven’t upset anybody.


some people have no call at all to the married life, and would find celibacy to be a natural state. My mother should never have married, and one of my aunts stayed single and celibate all her life, very happily so. If this is the way you are ‘wired’, you are open to a wonderful life, enjoy it.


I asked my parents the same thing. They said they would still have gotten married but probably at an older age.


You are thinking of called to chastity, celibacy is abstaining from marriage.

Traditionally marriage was not thought of as a calling.


Yes. Marriage was more of what people were expected to do right after they reach a certain age.

Unless they were called to the religious life for traditionally Catholic countries.

I remember the older people in my parish being so confused when they met me. I was neither married nor a nun. It was simply unheard of.


No, there’s nothing wrong with this at all. Consider all of our priests and religious. It’s not for no reason that the Church has always considered celibacy as higher than marriage. I would hope that you would consider putting that celibacy at God’s good pleasure for ecclesiastical purposes by taking some time to think about the religious life or the priesthood.


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