I want to understand what God means by this


As Christians, God will be harsher on us and hold us to a higher standard than the rest of the world. There is no excuse for sin, yet people sin daily. Sometimes intentionally, sometimes carelessly. People are human. We are prone to error. Why God hold his followers to very high standards, yet not people outside the church? God wants us to be patience. Some vices, personality faults, take years to fully root out. I often repeat the same mistakes. I try not too. I have bad days just like non-Christians. I feel like I have to perfect all the time. Honestly, it is very frustrating, part of me just gives in deliberately to sins, since it seems to make no difference, either way. Some Christians refuse to grow and live comfortably with their minor vices & personality faults. Why does God call us to go above and beyond? Why can’t I be happy with who I am and where am I at? No matter how old I am, I will always have faults, things to be corrected & changed.


That’s life for everyone. Where would the challenge be if we could just get by the way we are? I think this is a common mistake parents are making with kids these days. They won’t reach beyond their comfort zone, or learn patience, gratitude or discipline if everything goes the way they want. The same is true for our relationship with God.

Note I said relationship. He is perfect. We are not. And if we want to follow Him and be like Him then we have lots to learn, will make mistakes, will suffer and will grow. The alternative is to be dead. Totally dead.


Those who don’t live the Christian life are likely hell bound or due to spend much time and suffering in purgatory.

Take comfort that you have been given the knowledge and grace to possibly avoid those scenarios.


I think God calls us above and beyond because that is how we can show our love for Him… That’s just a thought that popped into my mind after I read your post.

Here is a blog post I found that you might find interesting: littlestsouls.wordpress.com/2012/05/21/decalogue-of-love/


I’m not going to attempt to quote book, chapter, and verse but there’s a warning in the Bible that goes something like this: To those who have been given more, more is expected. If we KNOW we’re not to sin, we SHOULD be held to a higher standard. On the other hand, God is Merciful and provides the Sacrament of Reconciliation so avail yourself of this gift. Be contrite, humble, and truly repentant. As Jesus told the adulteress, go and sin no more.:thumbsup:


The human condition is flawed, as we know so very well. And we also understand our flawed nature makes it important to constantly live an ‘examined’ life. That way, we can get back when we stray. Living this way, we do better in our quest to know, love and serve God, and our fellow man, helping each other live better lives. The benefits of this orientation are tremendous, and, in my view…immeasurable.

God instills in us a free will, and it is a natural tendency to for us to recognize that we need to live in pursuit of life above and beyond our baser, selfish tendencies.

Yes, life on earth can be harsh, but I don’t view God as setting out to be particularly harsh to one group or another. The sun shines on bad folks as much as good folks, and it rains on everyone from time to time. We have all sorts of natural calamities, from earthquakes to hurricanes, storms, droughts, pestilence, etc. I don’t view that as punishment. It is part of nature. Our physical sciences don’t even begin to scratch the surface in terms of knowledge of the universe, or how nature really works. We can observe and measure, but it’s very limited.


Where He guides, He provides. He has not asked us to do anything He has not enabled us to do.

You can be happy with who you are and where you are, but only if you leave your own perceptions of yourself behind, and take on God’s persepective. Until our minds are renewed by the washing of water and the Word, our thought process is contaminated. Once you take on God’s perception of yourself, you will find contentment.


But…you can!
You can be happy with who you are and where you’re at!
Of course you can!



nothing defiled will enter heaven

thats what purgatory is for to cleanse us of sins after we die



i can be happy with myself

but that doesnt mean god will be happy

he wont be happy until we learn to stop sinning


This comes when we walk according to the Spirit, and not the flesh. God has shown us all that we need to know to stop sinning. It is up to us to cooperate with the Spirit each minute of each day to walk in righteousness.


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