I want your opinion about a pretend situation


Let’s pretend that Roe v Wade is overturned and all states outlaw abortion. I know this would be a joyous occasion for Catholics but I would like your honest opinions on how you would vote on follow up issues. I’m not asking you to vote on your ideal scenario but on how you would vote for what is best in the follow up society that exists.

  1. Legal punishment (or not) for anyone providing the abortion
  2. Legal punishment (or not) for the mother obtaining an abortion
  3. Provision of birth control (free or low cost) to anyone wanting it (remember this is for all of society, not just Catholics)
  4. How should society deal with the ability to obtain chemical abortificants including obtaining them from overseas online

Please feel free to answer all or any that you feel strongly about.
I understand the Catholic position on abortion and support your right to hold them but I really don’t know how you see society dealing with legalities after a ban. I want to know your thoughts.

If these questions are in the wrong place, please let me know and I will see if I can get the thread closed.


Yes. Treat it as murder.

Depends. Is it an ‘abortion of convenience’ or is the mother in legitimate distress and need of help?


yes. punish em.

why not? we punish drug users for trying to obtain prescriptions from multiple doctors.

if a married couple wanted to use condoms, let them. I don’t think condoms should be available to the public, but only to married couples. I’m not saying catholics should use them, but if another person from another religion wants to, who am I to deny them?

The same way we deal with people who want to buy drugs online. Lock em up.


Yes, but not always with prision. Addicts need therapy, and often these mothers just need socioeconomic assistance to raise the child…


So, people would have to show proof of marriage to buy condoms?

That would last about a minute & a half in court.


sometimes putting them in prison is the only way certain addicts can get clean


that’s how it used to be. See Eisenstadt v. Baird

would be nice if that were overturned too



So how do you deal with the mother who cannot financially raise her child? She works 3 jobs just to pay rent, and cannot take maternity leave under any circumstances.


she can put the child up for adoption. Where’s the father and why doesn’t he make money?


Dream on.
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I thought we were speaking hypothetically here. This whole scenario is about dreaming on lol


Thanks for the response!
Would you then determine that every mother found to have aborted a child should have to have a legal determination as to her state of mind when she had the abortion?


What, you want a woman who is 8 months pregnant working full-time?

Gone, as so many are.


Are you trying to advocate for abortion? What are you getting at?


She shouldn’t have had a third kid with the guy then. There’s a simple solution to not having kids–it’s called not having sex


That, just as we offer addicts rehab, we need to offer pregnant women an alternative to abortion- Better maternity leave, better adoption options, higher wages (most likely), in addition to looking at the factors that caused her to become pregnant. It’s more complex than that.

Easy for both of us to say. Murphy’s law - anything that can go wrong will go wrong.


Are you pro-choice? I don’t know of many pro-life Jewish agnostics apart from Nat Hentoff.

I was just curious about your intentions - i.e. whether you were here to fan some flames, test the waters, etc.

I’m fiercely pro-life AND skeptical of a Roe v. Wade reversal being a good strategy. But I’ll take a stab at your questions.

  1. Yes.
  2. Absolutely not.
  3. I support single-payer health care. Availability of birth control will be inevitable. Catholics disagree with me, but where the majority of contraceptives don’t take the life of an already formed human being and are therefore not a priority for legal abolition.
  4. This is why I don’t totally support your hypothetical scenario. A War-on-Drugs approach to abortion will backfire with costly repercussions. I also think that there will be doctors and nurses with pro-choice convictions who perform the abortions in-house and just change the coding, e.g. to indicate that the fetus or embryo was already dead.


We don’t offer all addicts rehab.

I take it you’re not a business owner then.


That’s not the best comparison to make. Research shows that it costs society a whole lot less ($ billions less) when addicts receive treatment and rehab services instead of incarceration. For example, it costs about $42,000/year to house an inmate in state prison while treatment & rehab cost around $6,000-$8,000.

But back to the OP, if I’m not mistaken the Church herself doesn’t want to punish women who procure abortions. Isn’t it the Church’s teaching that women are also victimized by abortion?


I’d be for legal punishment for those who provide abortions. It’s the same thing as murder.

I’d be for legal punishment for women who obtain abortions. As said before, it’s murder and should be treated as such.

Since Catholics cannot support artificial birth control in good conscience, I’d be against providing artificial birth control. Abstinence is enough. Maybe after abortion is hypothetically banned, society will move away from the whole “sex is absolutely necessary and should be engaged in freely without restrictions” attitude.

Not sure about the last question.

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