I wanted to ask about coming back to Christianity?


can A Christian who committed apostasy come back to the faith? is it over and you can’t go back possibly?


There’s always a way back.

Which denomination are you?


I am protestant, I was asking because I feared that I may have committed Apostasy from Christianity to


I just spent 5 days teaching kids about different Bible stories having to do with times when Jesus rescues. The first day, I told the story of the Lost Son.

A father had two sons. One was hard-working, and the other worked, but wasn’t as hard-working as his brother. This son asked for his inheritance early (his father wasn’t dead yet). This was considered an insult at the time, but being loving, the father gave him the money anyway, and the son left. He spent the money on a wild lifestyle, and eventually, he ended up poor and starving. He got a job working for a farmer, and ended up eating pig slop.

Eventually, the son decided to return home to his father. The father saw him coming near, and he welcomed him warmly. The father even went out of his way to host a feast because his son was lost, but was found again.

So, no matter how you turn your back on God, He will always take you back.


Come back to the Catholic faith - with joy and a open heart -
with honesty and sincerity -
go to confession too -
And your all set, if you ask me :innocent:


I wasn’t Catholic.


Of course, as long as they are alive God’s mercy is available.


You either renounced Christianity or you did not. No may or might or half way.


Repent and come back to Christ. There is no sin too great for Him to forgive. In fact, He is eager to forgive. He is just waiting for you to make the first move. Do it now before you get hit by a bus.


The Catholic Church teaches that one can always repent from any sin, including apostasy. The only thing that can’t be forgiven is unrepentance itself.


I left the faith for over a decade and came back. Unless your denomination states otherwise I don’t see why not.


You can always come back :heart:



The Lord Jesus Christ is waiting with open arms for you to say you are sorry and go back to Him!


There are holes people get in and can’t get out. Not because God won’t let them our but because there own thought and belief keep them prisoner. Since you are looking into Christianity you are not in a hole. Search for the truth and you will find your way to the Catholic church. Start watching The Journey Home on EWTN. Amazing true stories of people who the Holy Spirit lead to the truth.


Yes of course…you (we) can always return. The savior is waiting for you! Don’t despair. Repent, read the Bible daily, pray daily, and attend Church and move forward!


That is an excellent show about conversion or reversion to the Catholic faith. One of my “make believe” friends (an online friend that I’ve never actually met :wink: ), Dr. Patrick Lappert, was on the show last fall, if I remember correctly. His story of conversion has always amazed me. I searched for it on EWTN so I could post it, but I can’t seem to find it. :frowning_face:


If you are interested in Apostolic Christianity find your local Catholic or Orthodox parish and speak with a priest. The only sin that cannot be forgiven is the sin that is not confessed.



Yes, you can make an act of perfect contrition. The confession part would not apply to you, since you are not Catholic.


Of course you can come back. Remember the lost sheep. He left the 99 to find the 1. And there was more rejoicing over the sinner who turns back to God than the many who didn’t have to turn back.


In the early Church, many “left” (or maybe better, denied) the faith out of fear during the persecutions in Rome. The apostles and their successors created a form for them to return. That mercy has been extant in the Church for almost 2000 years. Yes, you can come back.

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