I was a victim of a group in a workplace. Spreading gossip that almost destroyed my relation to relatives and friends



I am an oversees worker. I was maltreated by a group of people in and out of the office in other other country. I rented a room not knowing that it was set up with a cam. My family was in my country and I miss my wife so much. Because of depression I found myself smelling some of the clothes left by my wife and even wore her underwear. I know to myself that I am not a gay…and it is like a fetish on my wifes belongings. I terribly miss her. I asked my boss if he can consider giving me an allowance for me to bring my wife so I can work and calm my emotions. But my boss was only thinking about money and doesnt seem to care. I have no choice but to resign. It was a peaceful resignation. But before I go, my boss threatened me that I cannot get a job even in my country. When i got back I spent 2 months with my wife and other close relatives. I tried to look for a job and the threat was real. My ex boss was still not satisfied even sent some edited pics and videos that i really look like a pervert. Wrong impressions was disiminated and almost destroyed me. I never did saw this wrong infos because it was handed to some say as secret organization, a cult or some say fraternity. It was totally unfair. People around my neighborhood laugh whenever I passby. I never showed any negative actions because I know they will accuse me that I am crazy and needs medical attention. I prayed every time I encounter this inhumane insults. If this is their way to get members of this secret organization, I can say that it is really inhuman and against the teaching of catholics. It is against the 8th commandment. Please give me some advise.:frowning:

Thanks for your time.

In Jesus name,


Consider moving. Sounds like you have been terribly humiliated. I’ll say a prayer for you.


In the United States, there would be legal avenues to explore. Perhaps you should speak with an attorney in your country regarding the laws there?

Seek the counsel of your Priest. Prayers for you.


Thanks for your comments. I appreciate it very much. I already consulted our parish priest and he morally enlightened me a bit. I also took some research of the group in my area. I know not all of the members are freak. Im just thinking if these group of people have a comittee that conducts study of their actions towards an individual. I was a victim, if they will believe on other people just because he is a member of the group then what can a poor guy like me can do. This will destroy their reputation too. Worst in my experience is that they spread gossips even with the female counterpart of their group. Luckily my wife is very understanding. I worked oversees for my family now in just a blink of an eye, all of my hardworks turns into humiliation. I am not against anybody or any group. One time a friend of my wife whos a lawyer came into my house. I thought shes going to help or give an advise, but instead, she humiliated me. I controlled my emotions, I almost hit her but I controlled myself. One thing I learned about this painful experience is that. I saw real friends and those who pretends. Friends that only take you as a friend because he or she needs you. I am now moving on with my life. I consider this happening to be a challenge in life. I hope this wont happen to those who accused me wrongly. I wrote this not destroy this cult or secret org. but to help me unleash my side of story. I feel relieve now. I hope you guys can pray for my recovery. Im scared that it will affect me psychologically. I love my wife and my coming baby.



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