I was baptized on saturday night


Photos: imgur.com/a/cNpm7

My Catholic began this past Christmas eve when I was bored and the idea of going to Church popped into my head. I enjoyed it so much (except the Eucharist, I had no idea what that was at the time) I went again the following Sunday and almost every week. Shortly before lent I told the father that I was never baptized but also told him I wasn’t sure my living situation (home was being foreclosed for unpaid taxes) would let me do 8 months of RCIA classes. After a meeting, I was told I could be baptized during the Easter Vigil. It was an enjoyable (but nervous) experience over the course of lent. 40 days later I got baptized in a day I won’t forget! The Easter Vigil was incredible, the best mass I ever attended and I felt honored to participate in it.

It’s been an incredible journey and I look forward to where it goes next. I’ve been making the Lord part of my everyday life including praying the rosary daily and trying to avoid sin.


Welcome to the family :slight_smile:


Congratulations! :):thumbsup::bounce::yup::clapping:


Congratulations, I was baptised on Saturday night too. The year of study has gone in a flash and has opened up a whole new understanding of life and faith.




Congratulations!!! [BIBLEDRB][/BIBLEDRB][SIGN]:slight_smile: :)[/SIGN]




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