I was conceived in a test tube

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The UK story talks to a number of children conceived with the help of a sperm donor and a new study, the first of its kind, which reveals how sperm donor children feel about how they were conceived and how they view their lives now.

The study says that the children often feel confusion, isolation and hurt, even more so than those children who were adopted. Here’s a sample of what these children said of their conception:

“Adoption is very different – not only can you usually find your real parents, but also you don’t have to cope with the psychological effects of knowing you were conceived in a test tube. That’s unsettling and weird. Being a sperm donor child makes you question everything about your humanity. I can honestly say that no matter how desperate I might be for a child, I’d never use a sperm donor. I wouldn’t condemn any child to grow up as I did.”

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I have to be honest, I actually never gave much thought to any emotional issues these children would have. I knew a girl who was a “test tube baby” and she didnt’ seem to have any outward issues about her father. Though, she admitted to me once the kind of mind thump that knowing if she had one gene out of piece she woudl have been discarded as an embryo.

I happen to be adopted, and while I’ve had contact with my biological mother and father I don’t consider them my parents and I don’t consider them family. Plus, honestly, they’re pretty messed up - especially on the bio father’s side. But I can defintely relate to that curiosity to find out where you came from.

Wow, it must feel horrible for the girl to think that she would have been discarded if one gene was out of place. I hope you reminded her what a miracle life is and that embryos are “discarded” naturally due to one gene being out of place all the time, and God loves them all the same. :slight_smile:

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