I was discharged from the military for being trans. I’m losing hope of ever

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The numbers he is using are from a questioner put out over 10 years ago, and its methodology doesn’t look good either. I would except better sources from a West Point graduate. Although I admire his spirit.

seems a very one sided article that failed to present the counter arguments fairly.

Other readings indicate the Govt picks up the costs of their gender reassignment, and just managing the medical issues is a burden on commanders and the military.

Here is an actual transgender soldier talking about the impact. It does impact readiness and taxpayers pick up the tab.

It’s perfectly legal and appropriate for the military not to hire people that have problems meeting general work/availability expectations in place for all soldiers, or are an obvious medical burden. For reference, the military rejects over 70% of applicants.

Should they also be forced to accept people significantly overweight or the many other health issues they encounter? Do we employ them and then send them at govt expense to a fat farm for a year, so they can then perform their duties? Many of the conditions used to reject applicants could be treated at Govt expense.

There are plenty of ways to serve your community or country outside of being a soldier.

I’m wondering if it’s a popular career choice among transgenders expressly because of the medical benefits for life


The military doesn’t accept you if you have flat feet, are obese, have diabetes, seizure disorders, ADD/ADHD, or a myriad of other medical conditions. The purpose for these restrictions is to prevent these issues from interfering with operations, and to prevent the taxpayers from paying for these issues over a lifetime.

Transgenderism fell under the same sphere, until we elected a leftist Democrat as President/CINC.


When Obama got the report that mixed combat units were inefficient and increased injuries and lowered effectiveness didn’t matter to him. Ideology ruled over reason and data. Obama decimated the military. How many commanders across all branches left their careers under the previous regime?


The good ones did, the terrible ones were promoted!


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