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the search tool has been disabled…Can anyone tell me if they know of a device that you use on a daily basis that tells you if you are fertile or not? I know I read something about it in a thread once before. I meant to book mark it, but forgot, and now I can’t find it. I forgot what it is called. It is not only something you use to achieve a pregnancy, but it is also used to avoid a pregnancy. Most of those types of devices are only used to achieve. I was very interested in this device specifically for the avoiding.

Does anyone know the name of it or a link to it?

Thanks so much!


Clear Blue Easy or LadyComp fertility monitors are what you may be thinking of.

I would not use it to avoid without instruction in the Marquette Model of NFP.


I used Clear Blue Easy to get pregnant. It’s an ovulation monitor. There are specific warnings about not using it to avoid pregnancy. Plus there is a high cost (about $50 a month) for the little sticks you have to use everyday. And if your cycles go longer than 40 days, the system won’t work for you at all. The monitor itself cost about $200 or so, and I bought at a drug store.


Wow! I had no idea those things were so costly!

Charting is free, and much more reliable. :wink:


I use the Creighton model of NFP…what is the difference?


This site is used by another cyberpal of mine: saveontests.com/

I would only recommend a person use ovulation tests as a back up to regular charting.

You have my best hopes for you managing your fertility!


The Marquette Model is specifically designed as a model that uses the fertility monitors as part of their instructions. I don’t know what other fertility signs Marquette uses, but since they have a specific method designed around a fertility monitor that is why I recommended you look into it instead of just trying to use a fertility monitor for avoiding.

If you already use Creighton, I don’t understand why you want a fertility monitor.


I don’t totally trust my observations. There have been 2 times where I thought I was seeing non fertility and it was clearly fertility! I would still do my observations, but thought it would be nice if I also had another source of information on which to base my conclusions of either fertile or non-fertile.


then I suggest reviewing your charts and with your Creighton practioner and maybe taking a refresher. If you have a “yellow stamp” situation, then all the more reason to get with your practitioner.

However, if you have mucus that is a fertile day regardless of what the “monitor” says-- because sperm can live in peak type mucus for 5 or 6 days.

Remember, the fertility monitor only indicates approaching ovulation… not “fertile” and “not fertile”. That is why it’s recommended for TTC, not TTA.


I do not have a yellow stamp situation.

In my situation, even when I did not see any mucous one day, it was still fertile, and yes I am well aware that sperm can last 5 or 6 days from experience! I just thought maybe the monitor would help out a little. I would still observe and if I saw mucous would still consider it fertile even if the monitor didn’t. I just thought that maybe the monitor might help in the situations when I didn’t see mucous, maybe it would register fertile. I thought the lady comp was used for avoiding and achieving.:confused:




luvmykids, are you looking for the Babycomp? It’s this awesome little fertility computer. I heard about it back when I was in nursing school, and started using it. I love mine, no charting (though you can get charts by downloading he info from the device), super accurate, less days of abstaining because it is so accurate, and if you are trying to achieve pregnancy it even tells you on what days you have a chance of conceiving a boy or a girl ( though this is not 100% accurate of course). My hub and I conceived all 3 of our children while using this device. And, I had only 1 ovary to ‘work with’ after having one removed. I personally think it’s a great little device, though definitely NOT inexpensive, but, something you can use for many many years (I’ve had mine for 10). Also, the company that sells it here in the US (it’s more popular in Europe), offers 1 year payment plan which comes to I think about 65$/ month.

here are some links if you’d like more info



and this is the US site that sells it


best of luck whatever you choose to use:)


shannyk, thank you for your post…that was what I was looking for.

Do you find it has been also reliable for avoiding?

I am interested in it, but because it is so expensive, I don’t want to waste my money.

Any one else use this device?


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