I was really disappointed in my parish today

Today I went to the holy day of obligation Mass at 7 PM. There was only 3 people there, including me, except for the priest. As it turns out, our local high school was having its first football game of the season tonight. I suspect that many of the parishioners were gone to the football game. I can only hope that they went to a vigil Mass somewhere else or was gone to Mass somewhere else today. Our parish did not have a vigil Mass yesterday so they couldn’t have gone to it because we didn’t have one. So I only hope that they went somewhere else. Needless to say, I was and am disappointed. :frowning:

I wish just once on the Sunday following a Holy Day of Obligation, the Priest would ask who missed the Holy Day and who went to mass. Then he kindly instruct those that missed for no reason that they are in mortal sin and to please refrain from going to communion.

When is the Church going to start to enforce these rules?

I hear 'ya.

You’re in mortal sin if you commit a grave sin with intent, and willful thought to commit it. Maybe people who miss holy days of obligation just have no idea of the severity of missing…or the obligation of the day. I think that if you start there–then priests should be asking the question…’ ‘who is living together and not married,’ ‘who is gossiping, who is gluttonous, who is masturbating, who is viewing porn, etc…’

I agree with you–but, where would the line be drawn?

My husband and I were not originally married in the Catholic church. When we joined a parish back in PA, several years ago, we had to fill out an application, asking where we were married. We said by the JOP. The parish priest sent us a letter that we needed to have our marriage blessed before continuing to receive Communion. Let me tell you–it was gut wrenching to not receive just for those few masses…both for my husband and me…but it has made us so much more appreciative of the beauty and totally unworthiness that we as humans are, of this Sacrament. That being said–I agree with you. But, again–where would the line be drawn, if a priest were to only draw attention to people who aren’t going to mass regularly?

I pray for all those who are in mortal sin–that they are enlightened to the beauty of the faith, and to the need for repentance.

I have a couple of questions. The priest today left out the homily, the Nicene Creed, and the exchanging of peace with each other. Is this excusable because there were so few people there or what? :confused:

Agreed. Priests should, from time to time, remind folks the gravity of what mortal sins are. Would be most welcome and refreshing…

Just my humble opinion, but think still valid mass…

Our Parish did pretty well today for the Holy Day and part of the reason is that our priest, who is the only one we have, had the regular morning Mass, plus a noon Mass and the 7pm Mass. Our younger daughter and her 2 little boys, my husband and I went to the noon one and I can only hope our other daughter made it with her family which includes her husband, her married daughter, 18 yr. old son, and 2 younger girls. I also went to the 50th jubilee of a nun in our multi parish Promoters of the Sacred Heart group. She works out of a parish different than mine but we wanted to make sure there were plenty of people there for her celebration. There was only one of her Order there. She lives alone. They are spread all over with the main group 40 miles from us. She said there was another Sister having a jubilee in another town a couple hundred miles away. We’re in Utah…need I say more. I attended about half the Mass intending to just be there for the reception but I got there at the homily. The priest had renewal of vows for Sister and then married people and then all the baptized so it stretched on a bit…but if that’s the only Mass that parish had for the Holy Day, except regular morning mass, then it was pityful. It’s the larger of the churches in our town and was maybe half full. It’s just the way it is for Holy Days. Our priest made a comment at the noon Mass that the church doesn’t give us Holy Days just to cause us to have to go to confession if we miss them. He needs to say that next Sunday. Last Sunday he did mention the Holy Day and that it was an obligation but I wonder how many really listen. Churches have responded by having fewer Masses which is a mistake. I think we’d have just as many coming if the Obligation was removed. We get a good crowd for Ash Wed., Holy Thurs. and Good Friday without the obligation. Just my thought. M.A.

Was the Nicene Creed required today because the day fell during the week? I can’t remember if we said it last year. We said it today. We had a very crowded, very lovely Mass today. Although, it was also special because it marked the unveiling of a new statue of Our Lady Guadalupe.

I have no idea if the Nicene Creed was required or not. A Catholic convert friend of mine said it was but he could have been wrong too. Not that I don’t trust him, I just don’t know for sure if the Nicene Creed was required or not. That is part of my reason for asking.

I know it’s required on Sundays, perhaps all the days of Obligation as well. I suppose, I could find the answer and solve the mystery. I’m trying to write a post for my blog about my Mass experience. It was a bit disappointing and enriching at the same time.

Ok… so, from here, “The Order of the Mass”, it says: [On Sundays and solemnities, the Nicene Creed is normally recited by everyone after the homily. The Apostles’ Creed may be used instead, esp. in celebrations of Masses with children.]

I just googled. Someone will probably correct me, :wink:

I also agree. I wish they would remind the parishoners before and after the Holy Day of obligation.

Yeah, many Catholics don’t know about Holy Days (I sure didn’t a few years ago so I know it wasn’t a grave sin at that time.)
But the priest should tell and educate his parish.

I am so grateful to be able to go to Mass and recieve Communion I don’t notice who’s there and who’s not. I feel I am the least worthy person there, so I’m not really in a position to find fault with anyone. Thinking about the relative worthiness of others is distracting to me.

Hmmm, thanks for that. Maybe our priest just simply forgot about the Nicene Creed.

I feel so ashamed of myself now. I should not be judging my fellow parishioners. :(:blush: I hope that I did not commit a mortal sin by judging them as I just went to confession. :frowning:

i was just confirmed in july so this was my first holy day of obligation.
they offered 4 separate masses. i went to the 6:30 am mass friday morning.
it was pretty crowded.
we did say the gloria and the nicene creed, which we don’t normally say on weekday masses.
it was nice.

i agree with the one poster who stated about where do you draw the line?
i think it is the responsibility of the catholic to know about their faith and how it should be practiced. i live in a big city, so the priests have large congregations to contend with and they can’t keep track of everyone.

perhaps, in a smaller town, it might be easier to remind people of their responsibility of their daily catholic lives.

For the person who started this blog. No, you should not feel guilty. To judge things that are wrong as being wrong is just being prudent. You are right to be upset by things that are wrong. That is just, and you show that you have discernment and a well formed conscience to recognize that things are indeed wrong.
The thing is that these days so many people, including a lot of Catholics, do not have a very well formed conscience.Often through no fault of their own. Many people growing up in the 60’s and 70’s and since then did not receive a proper Catholic education even in Catholic schools. Many Catholic parents didn’t do a very good job teaching their children either, and some trusted the Catholic schools “expecting” them to pass the faith on to their children. Sometimes because they themselves had received a terrific Catholic education in the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s, at the hands of holy priests and nuns. But after Vatican 11 many priests and nuns were anything but a good example to their charges.
That being said. We are living in a time of great sinfulness. Even a lot of Catholics think that sleeping with people outside of marriage is perfectly natural and acceptable, especially if you are engaged to be married. A lot of people just do not have a strong sense of sin anymore. But wherever sin is great, God’s grace is greater. God always wins in the realm of goodness.
I once read somewhere that in the end times (which we are living in now) sin will be so rampant that it will be epidemic. And of course the saints of these times will be “the greatest of saints”. To me that means that those who are most aware of sin will have to suffer immensely because they will hurt all the time seeing so much sinfullness all around them. That means that those of us (by the grace of God) with the more developed consciences must constantly go before God on behalf of our brothers and sisters who stray. We must plead for His mercy and pray for His grace on all souls.
That does not mean that we think we are better than others, we just recognize that God has given us a clearer view of things, and therefore called us to look after those around us. If we see sin in others, we most certainly see it most clearly in ourselves.
God bless you in your suffering for righteousness sake. But don’t waste even a drop of that suffering, offer it up with Christ’s suffering for those who don’t even realize that they are offending God. Keep them in your prayers and close to your heart, and that will please Jesus endlessly. If you can learn to see those erring people as your beloved children, you will take on the heart of Jesus, and you will understand what love He felt for all of us sinners when He hung there on the cross.

I didn’t get to mass :nope:
Mum refused to go to any of the mass’s and I’m too much of a wimp to go by myself :frowning: She says that you used to have to go on holy days of obligation in the olden days, but not anymore. And I believed her Although I just realised now that she also says you don’t have to go EVERY sunday, god doesn’t mind if you miss it, when I’m attempting to drag her out of bed!


     I think it is very brave of you to be so honest. I also hope you will be brave enough to go to Mass by yourself if that is the only way you can get there. Every time I go to Mass I see people there who have come alone, and I always think about how much they please God. 
     I know of many instances when God has used children to bring their parents back to the Church or to stronger faith. If you go to Mass every Sunday and every day of Holy Obligation, I think you will be very surprised by what happens. Next thing you know your Mom will be at your side. Example speaks louder than a thousand words. But be patient, sometimes it takes people a while to change. God bless you and your Mom.

** Originally Posted by Holly3278 View Post
I have a couple of questions. The priest today left out the homily, the Nicene Creed, and the exchanging of peace with each other. Is this excusable because there were so few people there or what?
Just my humble opinion, but think still valid mass…**

**If he used proper matter and did not mess up the appropriate words of the Eucharistic prayer, the mass WAS valid.

The only other thing that would invalidate the mass would be if the celebrant was not validly ordained.**

ahhh thankyou , ye I just need to stop being a wimp and get my bum down there :slight_smile:

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