I was talking to a client of mine.....

I was talking the other day with a client/friend about my conversion story from southern baptist to Catholic. And he mentioned to me that he was born a Jew, raised a Jehova Witness most of his life and married a Catholic. As my friend and his wife plan to have children in the near future he decided to become more active in his new Catholic faith and study up on why Catholics believe in certain teachings and Traditions. Because of his unusual background he gets confused a lot, but has found a special interest in the Catholic Traditions and a love for the humility. As he moves forward he wants his children to raised in a Christian home with one message, therefore he has concluded that his children to come will be Catholic.

For my friend sometimes he just prays a different prayer, in saying this “God I was born a Jew, raised a JW, and now married to a strong Catholic woman, I am confused and do not quite understand, which is right and what is wrong, but I do know that without you I have nothing, and I need all the help you can give me as I struggle in my personal faith in understanding the truth.”

I told him that God understands us, even when we dont quite understand Him, and the ability to have an apprecitaion of the Church and knowing that he has to protect his future children through the nightmares he faces in his current life, about what is right and what is wrong, that love and new understanding is a true gift from God.

Your friend is lucky to have you as his freind…You are walking wiht him on his journey…What a privilege! I think he will be Ok…He is going through a time of conversion, and that is not always easy…But, it is always rewarding in the end…He is allowing God to lead him, and that is the main thing.

We, as follwers of God, have to be able to understand many different cultural aspects of Religion. As Catholics, however, our job is to first understand that our church was stablished two thousand years ago. Many people call our Catholic doctrine fake, untruth, tradition and much more, but our tradition has survived over two thousand years. Also, I am a psychology student, and what people called tradition is applied psychology to me.

Does your friend have a copy of the Catechism? I think he needs one if he doesn’t. :slight_smile: It sounds to me like all he really needs is to catch up on some basic Catholic teaching. Then he won’t have to remain a confused Jewish ex JW, but a reasonably knowledgeable Catholic who knows why he loves and obeys his newfound Church. :wink:

Not just the Catechism, but I also recommend books by Scott Hahn, Mark P Shea, and all the books written by Fr. Oscar Lukefahr and his Catholic Home Study Service. I recommend “We Believe - A Survey of the Catholic Faith”" as the first book by Fr Lukefahr. The first ones are free, and can provide a great insight to why we do what we do. Best of luck to your friend and God bless.

By What Authority? is also an amazing book. I would definitely pick that up for him. Good luck.

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