I was wondering if anyone would read this debate I've been having

I have been holding a bit of a debate via private messages with someone on youtube. I have only been presenting negative arguments-- which is to say, attempting to refute his arguments, as I have no particular desire to convince him that my beliefs are true, but rather only that his arguments against my beliefs are false. This, admittedly, is not a particularly inspiring means of directing one towards belief, but might be useful for someone wishing to study apologetics. Or maybe it isn’t, and I am conceited concerning the power of my argumentation. Or maybe it is useful, and I am still conceited concerning the power of my argumentation.
The debate, if it may be so called, has centered primarily around the trustworthiness of the gospels. While I do not believe that my opponent (whom I assume is an atheist) has the necessary grounding in epistemology to understand why his arguments are invalid, and why I think my responses are sufficient to demonstrate they are invalid, I think it is still useful to hold the debate. I am asking on catholic answers if anyone would read it and offer critiques, because, while I am not a Catholic myself, when I am debating I find it useful to argue from the Catholic perspective, insofar as, it provides a common conception of the grounds on which the debate is taking place (given that Catholic views are, perhaps, more widely known than other branches of Christianity), and because I believe Saint Thomas Aquinas was correct with regards to metaphysics and general philosophy. Also, I had an account on catholic answers already, as I wanted to ask a question prior to this one. At any rate, despite not being a Catholic, I hold views which are sufficiently similar to the traditional Catholic world view, that it is easy to argue from it. I am furthermore asking specifically in this forum whether anyone would read the debate and offer their opinions, because the debate primarily deals with the veracity and the veridicality of the gospels, which is apparently the purpose of this forum.

If this is not the appropriate place to post this, or if this is not something people would be interested in reading, just say so; I will wait until positive affirmation that this would be the correct place, before posting the previously mentioned debate.

edit: just to reiterate, my hope in posting this here would be to receive constructive criticism, or feedback of any sort, regarding the validity of my argumentation.

The subject you are discussing, is I think, more of a philosophical than scriptural argument; Linking directly to a site involving the other person is not a good idea – as I and others who have followed such links in the past have had a negative impact on these other sites – which then blamed CAF for being “invaded”, etc. So, although I would enjoy reading a short/medium length argument – it would have to be something you sent via private message, and give some protection of the other person’s identity – unless they ask you to “bring it on” – so that it doesn’t accidentally become a bad reflection of CAF.

Other than that, I have some interest…


My intent was more to post the plain text of the argument on here. As for the proper place to put this, i reasoned that, as this Scriptural section is under the broader section of apologetics, that therefore this section is devoted to apologetics involving scripture; in which case, your concern about the correct location is correct, if apologetics concerning the scripture are meant to demonstrate internal consistency, and not to externally validate the reliability of the scriptures. Given that I would be posting the plaintext of the argument, the identity of the other person would not be revealed.

Nonetheless, I will abstain from posting; it was vain to assume that the debate would be worth reading in the first place.
Thanks for the input.

This may be of some help to you. God bless.

I can try to help. If you post the argument, I will help if I can.

What exactly are you asking us to read?

My honest advice, sir, would be to abandon the Youtube debate route.
It is my guess that your “opponent” would not come within an Irish mile of this website as he would soon have his delusions fixed!
God Bless,

Thanks for the excellent link, testamentum, my fellow-Irishman/woman!
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You are very welcome my friend, good to see another Gael on here.
God bless you(from a fellow Irishman) :irish1:

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