I watched a show on the History Channel today about aliens being on the earth once

The show talked about a book called the Chariot of the Gods? In the show the man asked if God was an Astronomer? :confused:

Don’t bother watching History Channel or A&E shows on religious topics. They are flawed and severely anti-catholic. Don’t put any more thought into it than it deserves…which is none.

The show was saying saying stuff about aliens being on the Planet 40000 years ago… it seemed pretty wacky. The only reason I saw it is beacuse my Dad was wathcing it and when I tried to tell him that it seemed like a bunch of BS he said that I was being close minded :rolleyes:

I might’ve said in the past the History Channel should be renamed the Historical Fiction channel, but that’s being too generous. Historical fiction is normally more true to life. :smiley:

It’s one thing to be open minded, but quite another to be easily lead. Having an open mind is fine, as long as your brain does not fall out of your head. :wink:
You were right.

Good observation. xD :takethat: They’ve been conning people for years…

I remember that show. I saw it on TV as a teenager back in the 70s.
I was fascinated and bought the book too.
But my faith was far stronger than any arguments presented. Anything that didn’t square with my Christian faith (Anglican at the time) I simply couldn’t accept.
Anything that wasn’t problematic I was fascinated by.
But the idea that Jesus’ ascension happened with a spaceship? Aw, c’mon!!

The History Channel just sorta airs whatever it feels like now- like freaking axe men

Trouble is most of this stuff was debunked a long time ago.Archaeologists, art historians and historians are the ones to listen too.It’s a load of nonsense meant to sell books.Like all the pyramid nonsense-aliens had to make it because it was soooo sophisticated!Silly.Are there odd and inconsistent things on the earth.yesThat’s what keeps life interesting.Do we have to give credit to aliens for human ingenuity?

I agree with you.

If memory serves me correct, the author admitted to fabricating much of that book. But of course, that fact won’t bring ratings for the National Enquirer Channel.

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