I went to a strange Mass

I realized there was a Mass taking place at a catholic church close to where I was at the time. Nevermind how I found out. Anyway, it was not an ordinary Mass as I thought, it was a Mass celebrating the graduation or commencement of the CCD classes held in that parish for that year. The thing that stuck out for me as different was all the standing up and clapping for the instructors, assistants, students and well, the program during the Mass. Lots and lots of it.
Is this acceptable to do during a Mass? There were even whistles and hoots for one CCD teacher there who has been doing this for decades. It just seemed strange. I thought that kind of thing was okay after the Mass, not during the Mass. But, I have no idea.

OK? Not really.

Strange? Well, it depends on how you define strange.

Typical for such occasions? Sadly, yes.

No, it’s not okay. It is against the GIRM, but the Priest may not know that.

He’s been a priest for over 50 years now in a very big Arch. He also chose all girls for altar servers. Usually, I see at least one boy. I’m sure girls are approved here though. I want to say he bragged once in another mass how he helped advocate that process here.

It’s important to know when the Mass begins and when the Mass has ended.

A lot can go on before the Priest begins the Mass in the Name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit…

I have been to several graduations where Mass was tacked on at the end of the graduation… While during the graduation there were speeches, clapping, the passing of diplomas, etc. Then the Priest began the Mass with the traditional opening words and all was reverent until the final blessing… After the blessing, then the recession began with The graduates, followed by faculty, and clergy.

To put the graduation ceremony in the Mass would not be appropriate…

Like, right in the middle of the Scripture readings, or right in the middle of the Eucharistic Prayers? :confused:

Or was it more at the beginning and/or the end of the Mass?

We have student Masses at our parish quite often, and this sort of thing goes on before and after the Mass, and the kids are more on the “less” side of “more or less well behaved” during the Mass itself. Mostly, it’s because they aren’t used to coming to Mass on Sundays. Also, in my experience, Catholic kids tend to be louder than other kids, which I can only think is a cultural thing.

After the Gospel was read, and before the Our Father, and again after everyone recieved the Eucharist (that could recieve)

Many of these kids go to Sunday Mass also, with their parents.

Most peculiar. :frowning:

I had a strange mass once.
but the doctor said it was nothing and would go away… :smiley:

no, it’s not ok.
the holy mass is only to worship God. and not for celebrations.

Thanks everyone who posted.

So, now I have to think about if I will mention this somehow. As a non believer, and non member, I am thinking the best way to do this is for me to write a letter to the DRE telling her I saw the Mass, and that I was very confused by this. I would of course let you all preview my rough draft so that you can help guide me if you think I am coming across as if I am being cross about celebrations, because I think there should have been a celebration! Before or after the Mass. I have no problem with celebrating, and in fact- I like how catholics seem to be more comfortable in doing this than other theists I have studied.
I just think, some things should be done in the right place at the right time… Guess I am a bit of a nitpicker, but I do think the Mass is different from any other worship. What I saw happen, made it seem like just any other place I have seen. It took something away from the draw of the Mass for me, but I did not know if this was allowable in special circumstances, so that is why I asked. I don’t know what the GRIM is, but I assume it’s a guideline that is followed, or something to strive to follow.
Anyway, I was happy to see so many people together that really really seemed to be happy, yet sad at the same time that it was over until next season. Maybe they fear there are some friends they made they won’t see again until next school year, and even then- maybe they won’t be in the same classroom next year.
I’m not looking for problems with the Mass, it was just such a different kind of experience that I had to ask you guys here if I was seeing what I should have been seeing.

Hoping this does not cause any of the kids there to think this is to be expected at Mass.

Surely you can find a more reverent parish in the Diocese than that.

What were they teaching during CCD classes? And for that matter you have to ask what did the priest learn in seminary?

Oh, this was on a weekday night. I had already been to Sunday Mass for the week, and yes there are many many choices of Mass times and I guess you could say “styles” of Mass.

I’m not a picky person really. If the church is listed as a legit catholic church in the Arch, I assume they are doing the right things. Like some of them more than others, but overall the Mass is quite impressive really.

As I mentioned in post 4, he had a good deal of the old fashoined type of training in seminary I suppose, seeing that he is nearly 73 years old and has been a priest for over 50 years now.

I decided to leave a message with the priest that said that Mass in that parish. I explained that I went to the Mass and that I was hoping to ask him more about it.

Maybe he can explain this. I’m wondering if the first grade classes will be thinking their first Holy Communion Mass will be filled with hoots and hollers and whistles, and lots of clapping.
Maybe they will be expecting that now after this?

Talk to the Bishop of the Diocese if Mass is not reverant at all times.
Clapping after a Mass should not be an issue. Clapping during a Mass is WRONG.
The only way things are going to get better is if we all stand up for what is right to correct errors.
Catholics have been silent for too long.

I’m not sure the Bishop will take the time to talk to a non believer non member of a catholic church in his arch.

I’m not a catholic, so I can not stand up in this case. I do wish I could, if it is a serious offense that may disrupt or confuse the children later on as a result. That is what I wondered, and will ask the priest about if I can get a chance to discuss it with him.

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