I went to Chick-fil-A with my family today, and they had a lot of customers

I see that Chick-fil-A day was a huge success! The place was continually packed as people kept pouring in. The line for the drive-through was so long that it went out into the street. I even saw my boss there. I overheard someone there say that the manager said the last time they saw that many people there was when they first opened. Despite liberal media propaganda, there are still plenty of people who still believe in true marriage. :thumbsup:

I wish I could have gone, but we have no Chick-fil-a’s around here.

I also went to Chick Fil A today and they were PACKED! i actually had a tear in my eye from seeing all these people (200+) standing in 100 degree temps, wrapped around the building, standing room only within the building, and cars filling the street for a very long distance.
Traditional family values are alive and well in the St Louis area! :thumbsup:

i I hope it sent a very important message!

Had the same thing at my hometown out in central Loudoun County. The lines there were so long, even the cars were blocking a major feeder road (to a highway) just to support traditional marriage! This makes me even prouder of buying a Chick-fil-A sandwich today. . . . :smiley: (Deo gratias!)

I wish I could have went but I already had something to eat plus I ate ChickFilA last week. But I do hope we have another one.

This is wonderful!! I have been seeing things like this on my friends’ FB statuses and it makes me so happy that so many showed up to support Chick-Fil-A and their stand on traditional marriage. Yay!!

Woo hoo! I used to live in St. Louis and sadly, my FB friends there drank Satan’s Kool-Aid so I wasn’t getting the uplifting personal reports.

My Colorado town Chik was packed and out the door. Loved my salad and lemonade! :thumbsup:

We drove 12 miles out of our way and waited in line for over 2 hours for out Chick-fil-a lunch. It was 100% worth it! :smiley:

Do you live in Alaska? Of course, many of the cities in the state are isolated or difficult to get to, but I would think a city the size of Anchorage could support one;. Do you think the Mat-Su Valley has a large enough population?

Locally, our restaurant saw lots of business. The city newspaper ran a story about it, including a photo showing two lines of customers about 20 deep. I assume it was taken at lunch hour, but the caption didn’t say.

We went too(me and my 3 children–dad was at work), the closest Chick fil a is about an hour from where I live and in a Mall…we waited 2 hours for food and it was worth it!!! We were going to eat dinner there but didn’t have the energy to get back in line which was even longer that the line we stood in at lunch!!!:smiley: We were thrilled to be a part of this event and met some neat people in line. We also enjoyed the Mall where my daughters bought 2 hermit crabs, they were kinda creepy at first, but now I think they are soooo cute!!:wink:

God bless America!!!

I’ve been following this with some amusement, and its good to see a company taking a stand.

Please keep New Zealand in your prayers as a “gay marriage” law is coming before our parliament and our Prime Minster has indicated he’s going to vote for it every step of teh way, and its looking like it’ll pass its first reading. I voted for that man because he voted AGAINST the “civil union” bill a few years back, thinking he supported traditional family values. He flip flopped.

Hope the chow was tasty!


The desire for chicken may supersede the belief.:slight_smile:


It puts things in perspective…

The OHCAC says that marriage is one man one woman…

There is no Protestant Church that can parallell this claim

There is fast food that can claim this…

We drove to the closest one which is 45 min away in Stillwater, Oklahoma.

The place was so packed, the line went outside and around the building, and the drive-thru line snaked throughout the grocery store parking lot!

The weather was hot & the wait was long yet the atmosphere was cheerful, friendly, and supportive. :thumbsup:


Do you think of we served Chicken after mass that attendance would sky rocket?

Our restaurant was packed today, too. It was about a 45 min wait for us this evening.

Hey man, it is worth a shot!!! Chick Fil A for everyone who attends Mass!! :thumbsup:

Went to Chick-Fil-A today for dinner with my dad, younger sister, and nephew. Started in the long line into the restaurant at about 6:55 PM, and left with our food at about 9:15 PM for a grand total of about 2 hours and 40 minutes from when we got there and then left. Our order wasn’t entirely right, but it wasn’t necessarily for the food that we were there :stuck_out_tongue:

My post from another thread:

…ate there last night (Appreciation Day). Lines out the door. Drive through line went on “forever”. I waited for and hour and it was well worth it. Once or twice everybody broke out in applause for Chick-Fil-A and their employees. Nobody got impatient. Everybody helped find an open order-taker and called out names for pick ups to move things along. It was the same all over the D.C. area. The crooked mayor of D.C. should take note before he starts flapping his gums and joining the wrong band wagon.

I only pray that this many people show up Friday to counter the “Kiss a Chick” protest.

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