I went to confession today?

Today I went to confession. I confessed my sins to a Priest. However I did not get to say the Act of Contrition as the priest quickly gave me absolution and then my penance. Is my confession still valid?:confused:

The “act” of contrition per se in confession is not required for validity…

It is presumed you were contrite since you went to confession and confessed…

You may feel free of course to make such an act now.

But do not worry…the fact that you did not make per se an act then is no problem…

Happens frequently here before weekday noon masses - the confession line before that Mass is long and to save time the priest hearing confessions may not ask for it or will have say it with your penance.

yes of course, this happens all the time particularly if there are a lot of penitents waiting in line, and the priests assume you will simply say your act of contrition as you do your penance.

Thank you for your answers:)

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