I went to Mass on Halloween night while my parents were out. Mom’s now evicting me

For context, I’d recommend reading my previous thread:

So, I recently started attending Mass again, specifically on Saturday nights, and go to confession beforehand. Today, my parents ask me to help bring a table from one of my mom’s friends, but it was at the time I usually go to church, so my mom begrudgingly let me stay home and walk to church, on the account that I only go to confession and not stay for Mass, as she didn’t want the house to have nobody in it in case Trick-or-treaters came.
I know that I might get some slack from some other users on this forum about what I did, but I decided to stay for Mass. When my parents got home (which was well after I walked home from Mass), my mom asked me if I went to Mass, and I said yes (if I’m going to commit myself to Christ, I have to be honest). She then said that she was evicting me, and that I have 30 days (until December 1st, 2020) to find another place to live. She wants me to start looking for apartments on Monday. I was not contributing any rent.
Although I could have went to Mass on Sunday morning, at 24 years old, I’m at a point in my life where I’m not going to let my parents (or more specifically my mom, who was ironically raised Catholic) dictate my spiritual life. She made me vote for a candidate against my will, and although I love my mother, it’s honestly time for me to move on.

Please keep me in your prayers, but does anyone have any advice?

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With respect… what kind of advice are you looking for?

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I don’t know. I’m autistic, and I need help.

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Do you have support workers? If not contact your Diocese and ask to speak with the Catholic welfare, ie St Vincent de Paul Society.


I am glad you were able to attend Mass and glad you are tending to your spiritual life.
I am sorry your mom reacted to it badly, but as we’ve said before, you are 24 which is an adult, and whether you attend Mass is not your mom’s decision to make.

Please reach out to your local social services and also your church, to see if they can provide a referral for possible housing. I should think the church would want to help someone who was being evicted for attending Mass. I will pray for you. Good luck and God bless.


I would also add to look into public help as well. You might need help with rent, food, utilities, etc and if any help is available, get it!

This move out could be very beneficial though very hard at first. Keep your chin up, take it one day at a time and seek help from government, charities and church! And you can go to Mass as often as you like! :hugs:


Is there a reason you can’t live on your own? Seems like that would be the best thing given the issues with your mom.

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I’m sorry for your situation.

Look in your area for any non profit health and human service organization. I worked for one for many years and you likely have many housing options available if you are considered disabled.
I think you said independent living didn’t work well for you. I’m aware of group homes, supportive apartments, independent living where an agency employee periodically comes to help you and then a subsidized apartment, so least independent to most independent. There is typically a long wait but if you are losing your current housing they may bump you up.

You could reach out to the agency directly or your counties department of social services and either one will likely point you in the right direction.


Do you work or do you have enough steady income to rent a place?

It will conditionned what could be available for you.

If you don’t have a social worker or any specific professional dedicated to help you, I think it will be time to see what may available for you.

Roland, maybe look at the OP first reply…

I see that she’s autistic, but plenty of autistic people can live independently.


Yes, but autistic spectrum is very large, and it depends a lot of the people.


Talk to your priest, as well? While he probably can’t help directly, priests often have some idea of who to refer people to in the area.


I’m already a Social Security Survivor Disability recipient, which means as a Survivor of a deceased parent, I get a little bit more money than recipients who are only disabled. I also have a part-time job.


Maybe this is a blessing in disguise. Embrace it. Either get another part time job in addition to the one you have, or get a full time job. At 24 years old, it is time to figure out how to live on your own. Lots of disabled people live independent lives.

Seek out the advice of everyone that could possibly help you in your transition, as others have already suggested. You can do this.


Are you able to work full time?
If yes, don’t hesitate to active all the network or professionals and volunteers that can help. There is certainely some people dedicate to this. I understand it may not be the best time for searching a job.

If you can’t it will certainely restricted your housing options, but you will find some solutions, I am sure.

Please talk to your diocese and link up with Catholic Welfare services, they can most likely help you find accomodation, furniture and help move you.


Why not move out and get an apartment? Between social security and a part time job, seems like you could swing at least a decent one bedroom apartment.

A little distance between you and your mom would probably do wonders for your relationship.


Do you think your mother is serious about throwing you out? Do you have a tense relationship other then these two issues.

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Is it possible that your mom is bluffing / exaggerating?
Also, if you are in the US, you can call 211 for social services help.

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