I went to MASS!!!!!!


:extrahappy: I went to MASS!!! :extrahappy:

To understand this, you must understand that I have been suffering from incredible agoraphobia and anxiety attacks. I haven’t been able to go to church for a couple of years! But I started small (parking in a church parking lot), and gradually worked up (sitting in an open church), until I was almost ready (I made it to Eucharistic adoration)…but I still couldn’t manage a mass…

And then, my uncle died, and I had to travel a long, long way, and this was very very hard…but since my anxiety was already bad, I pushed myself just a little more, and I went to mass!!! In face, the trip was almost 2 weeks long, and I went to mass 4 times!! :dancing: :dancing: :dancing:

I’m back at home now…and I was worried about going to mass…but I found a church that’s not too far away that had a late Saturday mass…and I went again!! :bounce:

Woooooo-Hoooooo!!! I think my uncle must have really wanted me to start going to mass!!! :blushing:



God is good! :clapping: :dancing:


Congratulations! The Eucharist is the best remedy for all your ailments.


What a great story, it gave me chills. Thanks for sharing and WELCOME HOME!!


Wow, that’s wonderful. You know, you just made my morning with that great news. :slight_smile:


Good for you! I’m proud of you! You can do it!!! :thumbsup: (Just saying that in case you never have someone telling you they’re proud of you.) :wink:


How wonderful and exciting!!!

My Father, who has been recently suffering from anxiety and depression, came back to the sacraments after many many years, even making a 20 year confession!!! I was soooo proud of him, knowing how difficult it was for him to do that given the illness he is battling. So I know what an amazing and wonderful thing this is for you!

Keep it up! :thumbsup:



That’s a very good thing. Keep going, keep trying. God bless you.



Congratulations. It can’t have been easy, but you did it! God will help you build on your achievements. He will never leave you.


:extrahappy: :clapping:
How wonderful!! What a blessing for you!!

Perhaps you were allowed to suffer those trials so that you would be able to help the rest of us see that we take going to Mass for granted. Thanks for being strong in the Lord and sharing with us.

God bless you!
:extrahappy: :hug1:


What a huge step forward! Will be praying for you and share your joy in this most wonderful news.


Thanks for sharing your story. God is good, all the time!

I agree with Belle 10 - I will certainly try to remember you often as to not take Mass for granted.

Thanks again for sharing your courageous story.


Well my goodness, now I’m crying and happy at the same time! :o

Great news !!! :clapping:

~~ the phoenix


Thank you so much for sharing this happiness - your happiness is also ours.

Praise the Lord!


***ALL THE TIME!!! ***:bowdown2:

TraderTif: Thank you so much for sharing such an intense, and heartwrenching testimony. I so badly needed to read something so spiritual just now… Please bestow upon this child of yours, TraderTif (so desperate a desire to be with you; to live the mass with you) a *multitude *of blessings. Lord, help me not to take my time with you for granted. And forgive the many more of us that cannot find one sole hour to stand watch…

Dear Lord keep us humble.
:signofcross: :signofcross: :signofcross:


That is so AWESOME! I know how terrifying that can be, and I am so proud of you!!:thumbsup: Thank you so much for sharing that!!

I can do all things in him who strengthens me. Phil 4:13:heaven:



FANTASTIC NEWS!!! God, bless you!!! May your life now turn and head down the right path…The path that Jesus has laid out for you…


God bless you, Trader. I hope it keeps getting easier and easier, and better and better for you.

I can feel your joy all the way over here.

You can be very proud of yourself and grateful to God – and I am SURE your uncle is interceding for you!


congratulations! and let me add my happiness to yours! :extrahappy: :extrahappy: :yup: :extrahappy:


Thanks for all the replies! It’s wonderful to have a place where people understand what I mean, lol. (I can tell my non-Catholic friends about it, and they’re happy for me…but they can’t quite fully appreciate what it means.)

And it keeps getting easier and easier. :clapping:

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