I will be in a "debate" tomorrow

On the topic of abortion. I have read through the dictionary in my bible and read some scripture that pertains to it. I will be tasked with presenting an argument for abortion(pro choice) and against, then provide my personal opinion. I have cited the Catechism of the Catholic Church, Canons 2273 and 2274, I am the only thing close to a Catholic in my entire class I’m pretty sure, and I’m very nervous about presenting my argument. Any advice would be very much appreciated. I will post later tomorrow on how it goes. I thank you for your help and prayers.

God Bless.

In my college comparative religion class, I WAS the only Catholic. Prayers

I will pray for you. One trick that keeps me on track is what Scott Klusendorf calls “trot out the toddler”… if the pro-choice argument doesn’t work for killing a toddler, than it shouldn’t work on the unborn.

Don’t forget, human life starts at conception, that’s not an opinion or merely a religious belief, that’s a fact of human biology.

That’s a rather tall order!

Are you being asked to defend all abortions, or just some sub-set of them?

Rather than the ‘trot out the toddler’ advice (which ain’t bad advice, at that!), I’d ask that you trot out the child who’s just about to be delivered. That is, if it’s an “all or nothing” deal – for or against abortion – I’d ask what the difference is, in the case of ‘partial-birth abortion’, for a child at delivery minus five minutes. Better yet, offer up the example of identical twins – one who has just been delivered, and the other who is just about to be aborted in utero. Unless there’s a fundamental moral difference to be offered, then the only potential argument ‘for’ is one of protection under the law: that is, the only difference is that the law favors one child over the other.

There’s lots of ground to cover. Unless you’re working in a subset of the problem, you’ve got quite a task at hand. Good luck…! :thumbsup:

Nervousness is usually caused by focusing on oneself. Pray to God, and ask him to help you ignore an over self-evaluation obsession. Offer up any success or failure on your part and place it in God’s hands to do His will regardless of your performance. Instead of allowing yourself to focus on yourself or your own performance focus on the hurting souls that you are speaking to, the ones who need to hear God’s love, God’s truth.

Let them know you care by speaking about women who suffer from having had abortions themselves.


Maybe add a little comedy to a dark subject


If people hate you because you love them with God’s truth, offer that up to God. He will help you.


Go to www.abortionprocedures.com for how the process actually works. There are risks to the woman for those who don’t consider the baby a person. Also read this story:


Abortion offends against basic human dignity and the image of God stamped on the human person. If the stronger (in this case the mother) in a relationship can kill the weaker(in this case the child)j on basis of “right”, then moral ethics are bankrupt and we are no better than unlettered pagan “savages” in the woods. In fact, if unlettered pagan “savages” in the woods take care of their own and we do not, they show themselves better followers of the moral law and Christians than we are with all our technological do dads. God be with you my friend.

“A person’s a person no matter how small.” - Dr. Suess, Horton Hears a Who

Just pretend you are Donald Trump and you should be fine :thumbsup::smiley:

good luck!

Please note that in all serious polls done, the majority of people say that our abortion laws are too liberal and should do more to curtail abortion being used as a contraception. Majority of people also want to get rid of late term, partial birth abortions etc.

Also, one should note that in the Roe vs Wade decision it was made clear that the Supreme court was NOT determining if the unborn are people, and they said clearly that if at any time it is determined that the unborn are people, then they automatically have the right to life as declared in the constitution.

This means that there is the burden of proof on the pro-abortion side to prove that the unborn are not people. This is in full agreement with the supreme court. The court simply dodges this issue legally. But people confuse how our government works.In fact the court does NOT make laws, they interpret them. All the court said was that no current law exists saying that unborn are people, but if there was one in the future, then abortion would not be legal. That’s all.

Praying to the Holy Spirit to give you guidance & direction in what you are to say.


The hardest argument to make - especially to non-Christians - is that an embryo with no brain has the rights of a person. Expect them to bring up that a truly brain dead adult is generally considered dead. A possible counterpoint is that a brain dead adult is considered dead because there is no expected chance of recovery, whereas an embryo is expected to gain consciousness. Think this one through a lot.

It’s much easier to argue about later term fetuses. The idea that a 28 week preemie is a person with a right to life but that a 41 week overdue fetus is not is kind of insane.

So, how did you do in the debate?

If you haven’t debated yet, just remember to be calm, straightforward, and openly honest with each point you make on both sides. If you don’t think you can be impartial on a point, tell the class so beforehand. Never try to ‘slant’ a point; people perceive this as manipulative. Let the facts and arguments you present speak for themselves.

Here’s an example: catholic.com/video/pro-choice-caller-starts-to-change-her-mind

Good luck!

Truth is not on numbers, but in truth itself!!!

You are not alone… Go and defend Him (John 14:6a).

The debate went well. I established my points and did a good job of defending God and the church, I think. THe only thing that was difficult to debate was the “What if a woman was raped or if the child or mother is going to die as a result of the birth” arguments. Thanks again for all your help!

Attaboy! (or, Attagirl!)

For future consideration, the issue of rape is obviously a very emotional and painful one, but the central issue is, if the product of conception a human life? If he or she is, then the issue of how the child was conceived is ultimately irrelevant. We do not allow mothers to kill a toddler who was conceived through rape, nor a teenager.

You can address this by asking whether a rapist should be subject to the death penalty. If your debate opponent feels that he should not be, you can reasonably ask why the innocent product of that horrible act should be.

If they feel that rape should be punishable by death, you can ask the same question - one committed a horrible crime through an act of free will; should the child who had no say in the matter also be exterminated?

First, you must establish that the child in the womb is “alive” - on that, you have science on your side - as well as the vast majority of medical references up to Roe v. Wade.

Good job !
Some women have a very hard time forgiving themselves for having an abortion. For example one woman had got pregnant when she was raped. She had an abortion. It was horribly painful getting over being raped. It took a whole year to come to terms with that. But getting over the fact she had an abortion was even more painful. 10 years later she’s still had suffering , much more suffering for the abortion then from being raped. The rapist had basically said “Your body counts for nothing. all that matters is what I want now.” Then she painfully realized she had basically had the same attitude toward her own child. Abortion does not un-rape the mother.

What kind of institution, and what kind of class, organises a debate on this subject?

One that wants to make you think about difficult and complex questions and see if you understand both sides of the debate. Sounds like an ethics class to me.

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