I will be leaving these forums:

I am sad to say my friends I have to leave these forums.:frowning:

I have enjoyed your discussions, and I learned alot here. From both Catholics and Protestants. I dont know when I will return, hopefully if all goes well, within the next year. I feel sad to be leaving such friends I have never met personally. Keep up the faith, and may God bless you all. And for those I have offended, or cause tension, forgive me, it is not in my character to do so intentionally. I will keep all of you in my prayers. And this forum ministry.

Peace and Love in our Lord Jesus Christ. I will be signing off by march 28th, 08. Thanks for all your personal witness for Jesus.


God bless you and your family! Please keep Christ in your heart. You have my prayers.

I hope to see you on here again! :thumbsup:

farewell gabriel, may your journey be full of God’s blessings and may you come this way again.

Good bye Gabriel. Stay with Jesus.

I’ll miss your posts here.

God’s peace be with you!

Peace be with you, Gabriel. Come back to us soon.

God love you,


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