I will no longer entertain satan

Satan is an expert at misdirection using the word of God. Catholics aren’t christian because they don’t believe in sola fide, etc… Blah Blah Blah.
I know who the real enemy is. If you want to make me or the catholic church the enemy, feel free to be a tool of Satan. Don’t bother quoting the bible. I know it well enough for that not to work. I am going after the REAL threat. Waste your time attacking us if you want. Honestly, that’s the best thing for little minds to do. Soldiers who cannot obey the true commands of God are better off not fighting in the battle I am engaged. I need fellow soldiers to be firing with me not at me. Of course if any want to stand with me, and not backstab me, or argue about my methods, you are welcome to join me. May God bless us all. We are all christians, catholics and non-catholics.

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