I wish to become chathlic but I made a mistake


:slight_smile: Hello and I welcome to be here my name is Dannielle I wish to prasies the lord, For my mistakes I made a hurrable mistake I tried to end my own life by taking all my Mental Health tablets thinking I would go out like Marlyin Monroe and would have done it the way Jesus went out but I had no wood or nails! I was feeling sad and overwhelmed and thinking all negitive because my boyfriend mum is driving me around the bend with “Do this do that.” You see I weight 270 (due to a thyroid problem) she dosen’t understand it and my boyfriend is like sticks up for his Mummy! I mean even my own Nan said “Your well over weight” and I have all other issues can I worship the lord and do my own bible study because I have noone here! Or do I have to go to a church and is god incredbully mad at me? Why dose he allow me to suffer?


God’s not mad at you, he didn’t let you die and he enabled you to reach out for answers. Thats a start.
You are in my prayers. Welcome to the forum.


How do I become chathlic? And can become a nun in the future?


Try reading this article about becoming Catholic. And yes, if after much discernment, you find that it is the will of God, you can become a nun.

Call the nearest Catholic Church and tell them you wish to become Catholic. They will guide you through the process.

I am sorry for your pain. You must realize that God allows you to suffer so that good can come from it. Perhaps your suffering is what prompted you to consider the Catholic faith. Remember that Jesus suffered on the Cross for us.

I will keep you in my prayers.


one becomes a CAtholic by approaching the pastor of the nearest Catholic church and inquiring. Everybody in this Church is a sinner who not only makes mistakes but sins and is forgiven and absolved by the Lord. Your spiritual health however will not improve unless you also take care of your physical and mental health. Please continue to visit your doctors and follow their professional advice and prescriptions. We will be praying for you. Whether or not you become a nun depends on God’s will for you in this life, not your preference. He calls whoever he wills to this vocation. But you cannot discern a vocation properly until you take care of yourself.



Sounds like you’re like the rest of us - Welcome to Catholic Answers.

Hopefully, you’ll find your way to a Catholic parish near your home and be able to start taking classes, and that you’ll make some friends.

Don’t worry, if the parish is any good, it’ll have a Bible Study, and we always have either a Bible Study or a link to one at CA.

Please understand one thing, God loves you so much that if had been the only sinner who would have accepted His Gift of Salvation, Jesus would still have suffered what he suffered just for you.

God bless you and be at peace.

Your Brother in Christ, Michael


Welcome to the forums and to the faith! This board is intended only for prayers and not for discussion or advice, though you have received some excellent advice. You are welcome to start threads within the various forums about specific topics. For instance, you would ask for Bible study guides in Sacred Scripture, or about what happens during Mass in Liturgy and Sacraments.

I am sure our members will keep you in prayer.

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